I always wondered what life would be like if I did

n’t have parents. I know that I have to have parents at the beginning, but what if they left, without me even knowing I had them. Sometimes I wonder,
no wish, that I didn’t have parents. Always nagging at you. Never leaving you alone. It is supposed to be for
your own good, but who decides what is for your own good.

That’s the way I felt when I was lying on my bed that morning. I was grounded. They were
probably right to ground me and all, but no one likes it. If you want to know the story, read on.

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It all started on Saturday. I went to this concert in the early afternoon. It was Crushing Pineapples.
That was the group. They are my favorite. After the concert. Me and Matt went up to the Howland Street
Diner and ordered up some burgers and stuff. We then took the subway to Queen and went into Tower
Records to browse. I really hate the subway. They never believe you. I have this student card, and it was
taken when I had my uniform on, so sometimes when I put in my ticket and I am in regular clothes, the
retards stop me and say that I am not the person that it is in the photo. Schmucks. Totally inept.

Tower records has some pretty good stuff and at good prices. They also have the largest selection
of CD’s I know. They also carry book and video. I got a CD and Matt got a couple of books about Crushing
Pineapples. He like them more than anyone I know. Probably more than anyone. He blew $100 on books. I
do that. IN ABOUT TWO YEARS. He does it in one day. Insane.
Anyone, apparently he stuffed another book under his jacket. And at Tower, they have those shop-
lifting doom-a-hickey things. You can’t see them. They are hidden in the door frames. When it went off,
Matt bolted like anything. He started running down Yonge. I started after him, because I couldn’t think of
anything else to do. From behind us, this big, huge, security guard is coming after us with his beat-stick
out. He was probably the scariest thing that I have ever seen.
I was lagging behind Matt, but then he turned west at King. I couldn’t believe how fast he was
running. This was the guy, who in gym class, could barely do 10 push ups and 1 chin up.

I saw Matt chuck the book on to the sidewalk. The guard was still after us. I was getting pretty
tired, so I started slowing down. Then I got a cramp. I stopped. Matt turned the corner to Bay. I thought the
rent-a-cop would run right past me. He didn’t he stopped. He pulled out his rent-a-cuffs, and cuffed me. I
was amazed. He called the cops.

I was in a bad mood. And I was charged with shop-lifting. I wouldn’t rat on Matt. My parent were
called. They got down there real quick. Their faces all red. Really pissed offed. I don’t blame them or
anything, but it bugs me that after I say that I didn’t take anything, they don’t believe me. If I had told them
that it was Matt, my mother would’ve believed me in a second, because she though the he was a bad seed.
But I was not going to rat on a friend. Or an ex-friend, as of now.

Finally the dumb-ass cops got the book that Matt threw away. They had already taken my
fingerprints. I was really pissed by this point, because I had been in the damn police station for 3 hours
already. I started yelling and all…. So they donut eating cop did what I said and checked the fingerprints on
the book. Naturally there were a lot because the book must’ve been browsed a lot in the store, but not one of
the prints was mine.

Then they started asking who was the guy running in front of me. I said I didn’t have a clue. I
know the inspector guy knew I was lying, but he also knew that I wasn’t gonna rat on a friend. I guess the
cop dealt with kids a lot. They let me go, but then I had to ride home in the car with two furious adults.

“Who was it?” “Was it Matt? He was a bad kid to start with. I could tell, the way he ate.” My
mother was obsessed with the way people ate. I sat silent in the back seat.
When we got home, I absentmindedly went up the stairs and to my room, serving the punishment I
know I would face. I guess my dad, as he watched me go up the stairs without marching orders, needed to
verify his parenthood, and yelled “Stay in your room till school Monday.” So I did.

Do you see what I mean about parents. Naggers. I hope that not everyone’s parents are like mine.
May God have pity on their souls also.