Ice Book Response Proof Sheet Title: Ice Genre: adventure Plot: Chrissy always thought of her father as the greatest superhero on Earth. Unfortunately she hadnt seen him for the last three years and since her mother refused to discuss anything about his disappearance Chrissy pretty much refused any contact with her mother. Not knowing what to do, Chrissys mother sends her out to the country to live with her grandmother, fathers mother, hoping that shell open up and start living normally. At first Chrissy hated the idea of having to go live away from New York where shed grown up, but later on she took it as an opportunity to further explore her fathers mysterious disappearance. However, after living at grandmas for a few days she realized that grandma wasnt gonna be of any more help than her mom was. Therefore Chrissy decided to slowly explore the house and search for any clues to her destination. While living out in the country slowly she started to like the surroundings and even managed to meet a few friends, including a neighborhood guy she developed feelings for. She found letters and pictures that lead her to believe that her father was still alive but she never had any proof. Finally one day after almost losing her granddaughter, Chrissys grandma decided to spill the truth. In deed Chrissys dad was still alive, however he was in prison.

Characters: Chrissy plays a role of a very quiet shy thirteen-year-old girl. Most of her insecurity came because she believed that her father leaving her was her fault. Ever since her dad left shes been trying out new things that scared her, but she just though that maybe her dad would like her better if she was more risk-taking. She tries to understand her grandmother as much and she can and help her out with all the work in the country. Even though her father had recommended to Chrissys grandma never to take her to visit him at prison, Chrissy was able to convince grandma otherwise because she just needed to tell her dad all that she had though and concluded over the years he was gone. Mostly she wanted to let him know that no matter how much it hurts her that he just disappeared all of a sudden and never wrote to her, she still loves him.

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Chrissys grandma is a typical old-fashioned caring woman. She guides Chrissy through steps to becoming a responsible young girl who will make her life out to be better than her fathers. She creates rules for Chrissy to follow in the house and doesnt ease up after a few complaints from her granddaughter. She always tried to do what she thought would hurt Chrissy the least but, in my opinion, she wasnt right to keep the secret about Chrissys dad for that long from Chrissy. Even though grandma was in her retiring years, she helped out others and tried to get as much work done as she could handle.

She went to church and donated as much as possible to he charity fund. Her awesome personality helped Chrissy open up and get back to normal life. Passage: Her first thought was NO, but then she remembered the look in dads eyes when she had mentioned to him how afraid she was of roller coasters. Compelling herself, Chrissy clutched her fists around the sled, closed her eyes tightly, and finally pushed her-self off the hill. Gliding thorough the air, even though scared to death, all that managed to go through her mind was, I wish daddy was here. I wish he could see me now, see that Im not just a scared little girl, but that I can be brave if he wants me to.

This passage was one of the most touching in the whole book to me because it explains how much Chrissy misses her dad and at the same time blames herself for his disappearance. I cant relate to her thoughts but I can remember that when I was younger my mission in life was to make mommy and daddy proud of me. I cant imagine how hard it is for kids to grow up without both parents. This passage just helped me understand the characters personality better and helped me feel what she felt. Response: I thought the book was interesting because it kept me in suspense until the end.

I loved the way the author described the surrounding out in the country it made me relate and relive some memories I had while living in the same type of environment. This wasnt the greatest book Ive ever read but it was one of the good ones.