If I Made A Social Movement

If I Made A Social Movement.. SOCIAL MOVEMENT The type of social movement I would organize would be abolition of money and the return of bartering. It would erase 90% of world hunger, greed, and homicide. Bartering is a trade of services or goods. It teaches people a concept of give-and-take.

With money involved in a society, that society becomes more complex and, ultimately, more hostile. Some people would like more money but does not want to give the equal amount in return. Consequently, that may lead a society into higher crime rates. Since money does more bad than good, I would definitely love to organize a Back to bartering movement! My movement would NOT consist of hippies who sit around and complain about the government. My movement would be made of people who are sick and tired of the crime rates and greed.

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Those people and I will organize a movement in downtown Washington D.C. Our society has become so into money that it is not even funny. Weve become so absorbed with money that we have let go of traditional, old-fashioned values. Our identities are lost. Our families are not families anymore. With money, we learn to work for us and only us.

Look at the divorce rate. Adults become pregnant, then wish they never had kids, because the baby takes up much of their time and money. We need to lok at the root of the worlds problem; the money. Sociology.