If You Could Have Been Any One Person In History Who Would You Choose

If you could have been any one person in history who would you choose? Why? If I could have been any person in history I would have been the person who invented surfing or one of the people in the group of people who invented surfing. The person or people who invented surfing definitely made a major impact on surfing. They invented the best sport in history and surfing has developed more into a lifestyle now than a sport. Along with surfing comes many branches of the sport including: longboarding, shortboading, bodyboarding, body surfing, and aerial surfing. Longboards were originally developed in the early 1900s and at that time were made of redwood planks weighing upwards of fifty pounds. Over the years the boards became lighter and lighter and eventually started being constructed of ultralight fiberglass or epoxy.

Longboards are preferred for their easy maneuverability and control. In the late seventies the longboard trend started to fade, but it is now making a rapid comeback among the older generation of surfers. In 1970 the shortboard took over. It is considered the Ferrari of the surfing-world. As you can imagine it is not a good idea to put a person who has never driven before behind the wheel of a high powered sports car.

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Shortboards are favored for their high performance aspects and stylish maneuvers. Tom Morey invented the bodyboard and it has been a hit with young children ever since. A bodyboard is basically a 3-4 foot slab of foam or other very buoyant material on which the rider lies on his stomach. The bodyboard is favored by people who have never surfed before because of its easy control. Bodysurfing is done without a board, once a wave comes you swim into it stick out one arm and you are taken along with the wave.

Some people have made bodysurfing into an art form performing rolls, twists, and other incredible maneuvers. Aerial surfing is usually done on a small shortboard on which the surfer uses the peaking part of the wave as a launch ramp. They can perform anything from 180s to flips, all of which aredone without any use of attachments to keep the feet connected to the board. In conclusion, the inventor of surfing has invented a sport which has developed into many original sports. These sports all come with a lifestyle the rider is usually associated with. The inventor of surfing is responsible for many diverse sports and lifestyles.