Illegal immigrant problem

Debate over immigration and immigration policy is not new to the nation’s history. For a long time, Congress debated legislation to control the immigration problem. As immigration rises and hatred grows more laws will be carried out trying to release some of the pressure. Immigrants offer cheaper labor to businesses. Immigrants do not get minimum wage, but instead they get paid lower, this gives the business an edge over other competitors.
Agriculture industries employ more undocumented workers than any other industry in the country because it cost less. Half of California’s 700,000 farm workers are estimated to be undocumented. Thirty years ago 50 percent of farm workers in California were immigrants, and now it’s 92 percent.
Agriculture is not the only industry that has under paid immigrants. Published by the Chronicle, a list of businesses fined by the INS in San Francisco includes a car rental company, construction firms, restaurants, clubs, a trucker, a travel agency and even a Protestant church. Everywhere today, you see immigrant workers cleaning rooms in hotels, mowing lawns in the suburbs, pumping gas in service stations, doing all sorts of temporary jobs.
These business groups have a lot of interest in immigrants. The immigrant workers provide cheaper labor which cuts costs and get industries ahead in competition. Richard Rogers, district director of the INS in Los Angeles, was quoted as saying: “If we were to increase fines 75 to
80 percent, we would probably have a lot of people out of business.”
The new immigration legislation nearly doubles the size of the Border Patrol. While the National Guard and active-duty armed forces personnel are used more and more along the border. Local police forces are also being authorized to enforce immigration laws.
Possible solutions to the problems are helping illegal immigrants get into the country faster such as NAFTA. Some people say to computerize the I.N.S., increase the number of boarder patrol agents, and build a wall around the U.S. from problem countries. We know most of these solutions will work, but it takes time to get things to get passed thru the country.

Illegal immigrants may not like my opinion. I believe that illegal immigrants should deal with their problems in their countries, instead of coming here and creating more problems. If their country has a poor economy, then they should fix it. In the long run it would be good for them and their country. The illegal aliens that are already here should be deported.

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Also they should not live and take up social services that legal residents use. For example if the immigrant hire for unemployment the country has to pay for them.
A majority of illegal immigrants that work here take the money out of the country, and into their families in other countries. Most of their net income goes outside of the U.S. economy.
While signing a landmark illegal immigrant amnesty by former President Ronald Reagan once said “The simple truth is that we’ve lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive.” Those are my reasons why I chose immigration as one of my most important topic. I also believe that people who want to come here and make a better life, that’s great, but they should be legal immigrants.
I myself, a legal immigrant and a citizen along with my mom came to the U.S trying to make a better life. My mom and I came to this country over 13 years ago. She applied for a visa and complied with all regulations dealing with immigration to the U.S. After arriving to the U.S. she worked hard to make us become a legal resident and finally a citizen, gaining all privileges of that citizenship. Why should illegal immigrants come and take those privileges away, while people like my mom worked hard to get here.
It is crazy that people want to pass laws saying illegal immigrants can drive. Alex Sennert said in class that “Illegal immigrants should take a drivers test and if they pass they could drive. It would cause fewer accidents and if you don’t let them drive they will drive anyways.” I do some what agree, buy That is a privilege not right. I believe that a tighter restriction with added border patrol would be the best and reasonable option.