Illustrate How The Way People

Illustrate How The Way People Influenced By Superstitious Belief
As we all approaching to 21st century, superstitious belief is slowly being expelled by the people. Superstition is a nonscientific thought, which means the superstitious belief contain no elaboration and any methods that can be proved or disproved. Superstitious thinking can cause a lot of confusion in our desires and our daily life judgement. Today, many Malaysians still practicing superstitious belief, some of them are because of their religion, and some of them are bring abroad by their ancestor. Among the three races of Malaysians, Chinese are the most ones that still carry out the superstitious belief nowadays. People attitude, daily chores, and religions are influenced by the superstitious belief.

Superstitious belief influences the Chinese lifestyle very much. For example, on the 7th month of Chinese Lunar calendar (Month of August), Chinese old folks believe that the gates of the hell will open to release dead souls and they are allowed to roam at the human world for one month. The Chinese believe that throughout this month, children and young toddlers alike should be kept from going out of the house, or the unrest souls will lure them to dead. Visiting the beach would not be allowed also, since there are many tragedies have taken place in the waters, and evil ghosts may be eager to take more lives. Besides that the people who is having a wedding or moving into new house during this period is considered bad luck and should never be practiced and God forbid that one should die during this month!
Another example is during the Chinese New Year, they are not allow to sweep the floor because they believe that if they do so they will ‘sweep’ away all the good luck. They also prohibited from wearing black shirt during the Chinese festival by reason of black can bring bad luck to those who are wearing it. The children are disallowed to whistle at night because some of them believe that whistling can attract ghost spirit to approach them. Most of these superstitious beliefs are bring along by the old ancestors, Chinese believe that by practicing these beliefs is also one of the ways respecting their ancestors.

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Malays also get used to involve in superstitious activities. Malays especially girls are not allowed to sing while they are cooking because they assume that the girls will be late married. They also believe that women sanitary napkin should throw in the right places because they will attract “toyol” or evil spirit. Malays especially children hate peoples touch their head due to their religion belief that their head is their God. Besides that, Malays also avoid to chop the banana trees because they believe that there maybe a evil spirit living inside there.

Superstitious belief also influence Indian races a lot, you may notice that they actually also believe in superstitious belief just like Chinese. Indians are practicing superstitious belief everyday, they does not sweep the floor under their bed because they believe that it will bring the bad luck to the person. One of the Hindu biggest festivals is Thaipusam, Indians march and carry the ‘kavali’ are doing so either in penance, or because they are asking for healing for family members, or because they themselves have been healed and are giving thanks to the God.

As an outcome, although superstitious belief doesn’t has any kind of scientific proof but there are many peoples still practicing the superstitious belief as their daily chores. Chinese, Malays, and Indians believe that superstitious belief has it own kind story behind it if not the belief will no longer exist until now and the superstitious belief influence the people a lot.