Injustice Back in the 1800s, in the town of Salem, things were run quite differently. Although it was a Puritan Colony, its ways quickly became twisted. The leaders and officials prided themselves in being fair townspeople, always following God’s Word, and having optimistic tactics for solutions. The key to running a smooth community is justice; the administration of what is just and right. With the lack or justice, or the presence of injustice, a town cannot survive. In Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, the town of Salem was stricken with an unjust set of laws, governed by a body of unfair leaders, and an oversight of what God’s laws of justice really are. Salem was setup to run as a strict, Christian, Puritan Colony.

The leaders, or preachers, were taught the laws and ways of the Bible, and were expected to lead the others in God’s ways. As time went by, their human nature began to take over their beliefs. No longer was their goal to please God, it was to please themselves. They wanted to prove that there was evil amongst them, witches, no matter what the cost. As they became more and more blinded by this wrongful objective, the town of Salem lost site of their justice.

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At any sacrifice, they were willing to prove someone’s guilt without facing the truth. This lead to the people forgetting their own sins, only seeing others wrong doings, not being responsible for their actions, and basically becoming hypocrites. No longer was fairness was observed or justice brought out. As the justice diminished, so did the communities faith it its own lawmakers and officials. Knowledge, political positions, and Godliness are three things that are not self-appointed, but given out of respect from your peers. All of the preachers and judges were becoming more abundantly self-righteous and unjust as the days went on.

They had the power to correct any problems that they saw arising in their jurisdiction, without the consent of anyone else. While these actions progressed the community, officials, church, and society separated further and further apart. The justice, or lack there of, was heading them into a direction that no one wanted to go; the demolition of their town. The accusations that were made to fulfill the towns need for intruding witchcraft soon tore the church and courts apart. Many innocent women and men were taken to trial and blamed for the implemented thoughts of witchery. Quickly, the defending townspeople were hung and murdered for the accusations.

If no admitted to the charge, they were prosecuted, and if they did admit to it, they were let go with the name of shame. This being a good Christian town many people could not bring themselves to lie and brake God’s Word, so they were destined to die. No justice meant no trust, no faith, no honesty, no Christianity, and no town. It was not able to function with all that was taking place, so it soon lead to the fleeing and damnation of Salem. Justice is the main factor in running a good town or community.

If this is missing, all aspects of ties and regulations are lost. In Miller’s, The Crucible, injustice became more apparent than justice itself. The town of Salem’s beliefs, righteousness, godliness, government, church, officials, honesty, and trust were all cursed and broken by the lack of justice. This was an exemplary example of human’s wicked ways, and greed. As long as they stuck with their beliefs and justice it was fine, but whenever doubt and envy took over the town was doomed. This was all to true throughout the whole story, as sad it may be.

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