Is Your Bible Holy Or Full Of Holes

Is Your Bible Holy Or Full Of Holes IS YOUR BIBLE HOLY OR JUST FULL OF HOLES? A COMPARATIVE BIBLE STUDY Answer the following questions using a NIV Bible ————————————————– ————————————————– ————– Matthew 6:13 How does the lords prayer end? Matthew 8:29 Who was the demons afraid of who would torment them? Matthew 17:21 What two things did Jesus say are needed to cast out a demon? Matthew 18:11 Why did Jesus come to earth? Mark 7:16 What is needed to hear? Mark 15:28 Who was Jesus numbered with? Luke 22:14 How many Apostles were with Jesus at the Last Supper? Luke 23:38 The sign over the cross, THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS was written in what languages? John 5:4 Who troubled the water? John 7:50 What time of day did Nicodemus come to Jesus ? Acts 8:37 What should a person do before they are baptised ? Acts 9:6 When Paul got saved what question did he ask Jesus? Romans 16:24 What did Paul pray for each of us to have? (It is his signature closing in each of his books.) 1 Timothy 3:16 Who was made manifest in the flesh? 1 John 5:7 According to this verse, who are the three persons of the Trinity? Revelation 1:11 What does Jesus call himself that implies that he is GOD? (See also Rev.22:18,19) Have you had much luck? Now do the same using the KJV version. HAS GOD KEPT HIS WORD? God has not only revealed His word (Heb. 1:1,2 ) and inspired His word (II Tim. 3:16,17), but He also promised to preserve and keep His Word pure and perfect down through each generation till the end of time. This is called the Doctrine of Divine Bible Preservation.

(Romans 4:20,21; Titus 1:2; Hebrews 10:23) 1. Psalms 12:6,7 6. Psalms 119:152 2. Psalms 78:1-8 7. Psalms 119:160 3.

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Psalms 105:8 8. Proverbs 22:20,21 4. Psalms 119:89 9. Matthew 4:4 5. Psalms 119:111 10.

Matthew 5:17,18 11. I Peter 1:23-25 12. Luke 22:44 (Jesus put his stamp of approval on the Old Testament) 13. Matthew 24:35 (Jesus puts his stamp of approval on the New Testament) a. Preservation of the Gospels…………….John 14:26 b. Preservation of the Acts……………….John 15:26,27 c. Preservation of the Epistles(letters of the Apostles)…John 16:12-13 d.

Preservation of Revelation……………..John 16:13b ******************************************* Why do they call it the Received Text or Majority Text ? Because out of the 5,255 total manuscripts of the Greek New Testament, 5,210 or (99%) of them agree. Only two fairly complete manuscripts from the 2nd century and 43 partial fragments of scripture disagree with the Received Text. TWO DIFFERENT GREEK TEXTS Received Text Westcott & Hort of the N.T. Has 140,521 Greek words in the N.T. Changes 5,604 Passages. Has 217 Greek words per page.

A total of 9,970 words have been Has 647 pages of text. left out, added in or changed ( That’s 7 After 2,000 years it still has of the N.T.-equal to the size of the book of 674 unaltered pages— Romans). Had 26 new editions in 81 years 100% of the Greek words (all –that’s one new edition every 3.1 years! 140,521) have been preserved by GOD! WHICH DO YOU CARRY, A SWORD OR A BUTTERKNIFE? Hebrews 4:12 & Ephesians 6:10-18 Religion Essays.