King Arthur

King Arthur The uglier the truth the truer the friend is a statement that has been echoed throughout the history of time. In “Camelot”, King Arthur experienced this quotation first hand. Even though “Camelot” is a fictional movie, the same situation that befell King Arthur really occurs in real life to everyday people. Just by looking at Pellinore, you would not think that he was a trustworthy man. Dirty, hair uncombed, dingy clothes are all words that could be used to describe Pellinores appearance.

But as the old saying goes “Dont judge a book by its cover” and you should not judge Pellinore by his looks. King Arthur had so many “Yes men” in his court, that he could not depend on them to tell him the truth because they were to worried jeopardizing their position in the court. However, Pellinore did not have this problem because he did not have a position to lose. In Arthurs heart of hearts, he had a feeling that Lancelot and Guinevere were having a physical relationship together. Being the honest and trustworthy man that he was, Arthur refused to believe that his best friend and his wife, whom he loved to death, would do such a deceitful thing to him.

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Pellinore could not stand to see his friend be the center of rumors. Therefore, he decided to tell Arthur about the dishonesty that was happening right under. Arthur, still in denial, rejected Pellinores allegation. Only after he was threatened with the prospect of death, did reluctantly refute his allegation. Arthur only saw the light after he witness for himself Lancelot and Guineveres relationship. The situation that happened to Arthur, also happens to common people. My aunt went through a similar predicament when she was in college. Her roommates boyfriend constantly flirted with her.

Tired of his endless advances, she decided to tell her roommate. Her roommate, who was also her friend, did not want to believe what she was saying. So she confronted her boyfriend with the accusation. Of course he denied it and in addition said that my aunt was the one doing the flirting. The roommate sided with her boyfriend and did not talk to her for months. Finally, the roommate saw her boyfriend for who he was.

Only after she caught him cheating for herself. Out of everybody in King Arthurs court, only Pellinore came out and told Arthur about Lancelots and Guineveres relationship. My aunt was the sole person to tell her roommate about her boyfriend. Later she found out that she was not the only one of her roommates friends who he had flirted with. The truth hurts. Instead of believing a truth that will hurt, people naturally tend to go into denial.

But it still takes a real friend to tell you something that may hurt you now in order for you not being hurt more in the future. King Arthur and my aunts roommate learned this the hard way. cared about their . In the end they both regretted not listening to the people who truly cared about them.