Lady McBeths Personal Insight As I sit here and think back to the past events, I wonder if everything that was done was really necessary. I now realise that it was my own selfishness that drove my husband to the person he has become. I fear him now. I dont know what became of me, maybe it was the excitement of the fact that I was to become queen one day. Why couldnt of I just waited till the day came naturally, instead of causing it to occur quicker than it should of.

Oh why did I do this to myself, and my husband. People used to worship him like he was king, he was a hero, but now, like myself they fear him. I have betrayed my people. When he told me of the three weird sisters and of the prophecies they made I was skeptical , but then he told me that he was declared Thane of Cawdor and I knew the sisters spoke of the truth. Oh why worthy thane did you unbend your noble strength and succumb to my evilness, you knew it was wrong from the start, but still I pushed and you being the loyal husband that you were, did as I wished. Now, Duncan is dead, dead from our own hands, not the grooms that slept withal.

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“the sleepy and the dead are but as pictures; tis the eye of the childhood that fears a painted devil….” what a foolish thought that was, I should of listened toyou instead of taking it upon our own hands to do the deed. My hands are now stained with the blood of Duncan and no matter how hard I scrub it will not remove itself from my skin. There is a doctor with me, I suppose trying to figure me out. Impossible. All I feel is guilt, I have no need to speak to anyone, nor a want to. I know I am insane, he knows it and so does the nurse, so why do they bother to try.

Darling husband you saw the danger signs stamped all over me, but ignored them, because when there is unconditional love there is no judgment. That is the way you saw it, that was the way you always saw it. What happened, look what you have become. A monster, that is the only way I can express it, a human could not even contemplate murdering his own best friend, for his own personal gain. I cant speak freely about this as I was as bad as that if not worse. Although I have confessed to myself that I have done the worst that a person could do, and yet my husband, you can not see past the power that you think you will receive.

Cant you see that McDuff knows what weve done and soon a repercussion will come of it. Dont fool yourself again by falling for the sisters words, for I know that he will prevail and find away to bring you down. I do here about what goes on, the doctor and nurse talk about McDuff going to England to see Malcolm and preparing a way of exposing our evilness. He was to become king, and he deserved to. Not you, as the only thing you have done for the country is to cause hatred among your people. I am not looking forward to that day, as by then he would of found out about his wife and children. I want to give you all of my love, but all your kisses and fine words are not enough to heal my pain.

And that is way I can no longer stay in this cruel and horrible world of deception. You think I wen t first but really. it was you. Farewell my love and I will no doubt see you soon.