Latalante Breathless Response Paper

L’atalante & Breathless Response Paper LAtalante & Breathless Response Paper Unfortunately, I was not all that thrilled with LAtalante. I would have liked to have been able to get a more in depth look into the characters lives before the start of the film. The first mate was very well developed, but the other characters seemed a bit ambiguous because of the deficiency of background information on them. Although it was an excellent example of real mise-en-scene, the lack of action led to my lack of interest. One thing that helped me to recognize the real mise-en-scene of LAtalante was the type of set used (if you can even call it a set).

This movie used location shooting on actual boats and city streets. Also, the costuming, props, and lighting were all minimal but sufficient. Most of these things are synonymous with real mise-en-scene. There were a few things about LAtalante that I did like. The photography of the underwater scene was nicely done.

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I thought it was pretty advanced considering when the film was made. The first mates tattoos were cute. (Although they were seemingly shoddily drawn on with magic markers.) I appreciated the actors too. The were good at what they were supposed to do. Even though these few things made LAtalante almost bearable, I didnt especially like it.

Breathless, on the other hand, held my interest. There was a definite plot as well as plenty of action and romance. I also enjoyed it because I had the feeling that everything I would need to know about the characters was revealed from the beginning. Lambert 2 This film had a much more stylized mise-en-scene than LAtalante. Some aspects of the mise-en-scene that caught my attention were the costuming and acting styles. The Bogart-esque costuming and mannerisms of Michel aided in explaining his character.

Even though the film makers seemingly wanted the audience to never have a clue as to what to expect of Michel, he was a fairly obvious and almost cliche character. Patricias casual yet beautiful look and manner was helpful in developing her character as well. My expectations of Patricia were not quite met though. I would have never guessed that she would have told Michel that she called the police. She led me to believe that she had made up her mind and was following through with her plan of action when she reported him.

I think the writers were smart to include that part because it made me wonder if I could trust anything I thought about any of the characters. This made me watch closer and held my interest for the duration of the film. In conclusion, although I didnt particularly like LAtalante, it was a great example of real mise-en-scene of its time. It proved to be much different than the new wave Breathless, which had a stylized mise-en-scene. The great differences in these categories was shown through the use of many things including character development, costuming, and acting styles. Film and Cinema.