Literary Analysis For Fahrenheit 451

Literary Analysis for Fahrenheit 451 In Ray Bradury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, there is a very commonly known as a book of science fiction book. More specifically one that refers to the future, and the consequences that can be inflicted as a result of the world having very little individuality. However, this book also has had a long lasting effect on the world as we know it to be presently. Bradbury is obviously very concerned with the world, and how it is losing its individuality. This novel represents the differences of having indiviuality versus conformity. Ray Bradbury is also concerned with people’s willingness to act out upon things that are seldomly attempted because of fear of persecution.

As the story is plotted, the people of the United States, who are unaware of their true potential, walk through their lives as if they were programmed robots or machines that are not able to think for themselves. The government, both federal and local, have threatened an frightened the people of the nation. Because of this, the people are afraid to act out upon the government because they are afraid of becoming isolated in the world. Different from the world that we know, the poeple are not taught to read at school, or at their homes. If a person attempts to even take possession of a book, they have all of their possessions taken away from them and their houses burned.

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Therefore, as time progresses the poeple become more and more ignorant about the world around them and its potential. One good example of showing how the people have lost their individuality is when Clairisse shows up in town. The town is a very happy and quiet town, but when this seventeen year old girl shows up in town, she immediatley has effects on people. Montag is the one person that would listen and understand her. She would continually ask him questions all of the time, an Montage would get annoyed by it. However, after that, he realized that the world was a much more bigger and intrigueing place. He started reading books in secrecy and soon became very aware of the potential that people had in them. Another example is when Montage started to read a book aloud to guests at his house.

Mildred invited her friends over to watch a form of television. Montag got angry at how the women were so ignorant. When he started to read aloud from a poem, even though the women were somewhat intrigued by the poem they were still frightened. This conformity that plays a such large role in the women’s lives is a prime example of how stubborn and unaware the people are. A very good example of how ignorant the people are is how they allowed the people with influence to change the past. For example, during the time period in the book the firmen were taught to start fires. They were even told that in the past the firemen were always starting the fires.

People were so ignorant that they didn’t even stop to gain logic about that fact. In conclusion, Ray Bradbury wrote this novel not just to entertain the reader. He probably also wrote Fahrenheit 451 to get the people to understand what could happen to the world if people begin to stray off towards conformity, and lose their individuality and ability to speak their opinion.