Man Sized Job

Man Sized Job Man-Sized Job was written by Sharlot Hall (1870-1943). It is a poem that defines a womans work from a mans point of view. Poems like this were uncommon in the late 1800s early 1900s, especially if women wrote them. The two aspects of this poem that I would like to analyze are the vocabulary used and the male chauvinistic point-of-view. If it werent for these two exaggerated aspects, the poem would not have as strong of a meaning.

The vocabulary used in this poem is far form proper. It is an exaggeration used to make men sound less intelligent than they think they are. Sharlot Hall wants men to sound less intelligent in this poem because the poem is from a mans point of view on what a womans work should be. It is obvious to anyone that reads this poem that Hall is completely disagrees with the typical male point of view on what women should and should not do. Another reason for the language that is used is to make the men sound uneducated. Hall is hinting to her audience that women are actually smarter than men.

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Although she is taking a playful shot at men, the way she goes about it makes this poem enjoyable for both sexes. The chauvinistic point-of-view in this poem is obvious. It is greatly exaggerated so that Hall can get her point across to her audience clearly. She also uses it to get the audience on her side of the issue. This is a powerful tool that can be used. When someone reads a poem and they take they authors point-of-view on a subject, the poem becomes that much more interesting.

This adds to the entertainment value of the poem. After all, the purpose of a poem should be to entertain and catch the interest of an audience. Hall uses this technique to her advantage. Her use of the chauvinistic point-of-view is probably the key to this poem being great. The two aspects of this poem that I analyzed in this paper were essential to the success of this poem.

Both the vocabulary used by Hall and the male chauvinistic point-of-view expressed were essential in getting her point across to her audience. Although both tools were exaggerated dramatically, it was necessary for the reason behind the poem. In my opinion, this poem was written for one reason. This reason is to simply make fun of men and their attitudes. Hall did an excellent job.