Mark Twain And Herman Melville

Mark Twain and Herman Melville The purpose of this research paper is to compare and contrast between Mark Twain and Herman Melville, comparing and contrasting their backgrounds, writing styles, and their writing techniques. In this paper, a thorough look at their past will be taken. It is important that the past of their lives will be looked at because then their writings became. Their past describes how their stories came about. Knowing all about their lives, one would know why their stories are like what they are, First, Mark Twain will be looked at. Mark Twain was born on November 30th, 1835, in the almost invisible village of Florida, Monroe County, Missouri. The village contained one hundred people, but gradually grew.

Mark Twain is a pseudonym for Samuel Longhorn Clemens. Mark Twain became famous worldwide really early in his career. He was a famous author, lecturer, satirist, and a humorists. Most of his ideas for his stories came about through his experiences and observations from his childhood, which he transformed into some of his famous stories. After the death of Mark Twain, his works became even more famous.

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A couple of author helped him and his increasing fame. The two authors were Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Mark Twain starts working out at a newspaper as a kid. Twain had started work after the death of his father in I857. He started out in writing, and after coming accustomed to a printer, he soon joined his brother Orion’s Hannibal 6 Journal.

Working at his brothers company, he soon started supplying copy and becoming familiar with much of the frontier humor of the time, Some examples are George W. Harris’s Sut Lovingood Yarns and other works of so-called Southwestem Humorists. When he was growing up he was influenced by many different works.