Marketing Initiative

Marketing Initiative Marketing Initiative Marketing Initiative is an act or step taken in advertising, packing, and/or selling designed to gain and/or maintain customers. It is created to help transfer goods for the producer to the consumer. I recently read an article about the Clear Channel Outdoor company and their launch of a new Hispanic marketing initiative. This article will be used as an example of a marketing initiative and how it may or may not work for the company. In the attached article the Clear Channel Outdoor company has created a new marketing initiative to try to gain a new customer base. Their current target audience seems to be the American public, which is not culture specific. Their new marketing initiative is an attempt to gain the Hispanic market in America.

It is hard for me to say if this marketing initiative will be successful because they do not specify what they will be doing. However, I do feel that when you direct any type of advertising at a specific group it makes it more likely that that group will try you product. This type of advertising makes it more personal for the consumer. Once something is directed towards them it creates a feeling that the company understands them and understands their needs. Also a specific group is more likely to pay attention to an advertisement if they feel like they can relate to it or if it relates to them. Knowing this information I would have to say that the new marketing initiative has a very good chance of working for Clear Channel Outdoor. Marketing initiatives are very important for companies to maintain and gain a customer base. Companies must continuously try to create new marketing initiatives.

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Without them the company will fall out of the public eye. Also, their current customers might go elsewhere if they feel like the company does not have their best interest in mind. Music Essays.