Memo Report

The current workstations in the technician department are out of date and the
department is in need of a complete new system in order to keep up the quality work
Computer Technologies Inc. has built its reputation on.

The current workstations are only able to process half of the incoming data
sent to the company by its customers. The workstations are 4 years old and are
running an old operating system that is unable to meet the demands of our current
workload. The old workstations are bulky and heavy, which cause workspace to be
crowded and difficult to re-configure. The current memory and hard drive capacity are
obsolete, on average of 64 Mb of RAM and 1.0 Gb Hard Drive, this often causes
delays and decreases the turnover rate of the department. The old workstation
processors are of the Intel Pentium 1 series operating at 133MHz. This slows down
the overall operations in our department.

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The suggested solution is to purchase complete new workstations for the
department. The best selection for the particular brand of workstation is the Dell
Dimension 4300S. This complete workstation comes with a standard mouse and
keyboard, as well as a slim design tower, and a thin screen LCD display monitor.
(See Illustration 1 attached) The dimensions of the tower are 4.2 inches width by
15.3 inches height. The weight of the tower is 22lbs. The monitor dimensions are 4.3
inches depth by 18.4 inches height, with a 17.0 inches viewable screen. The weight
of the monitor is 12lbs. These dimensions allow an increase in workspace and
provide a better opportunity to re-configure incoming systems for consumers. The
new workstations are equipped with 256 Mb SDRAM for memory and 60.0 Gb Hard
Drive, this allows faster processing and a larger data storage to be utilized. The
4300S system uses a Intel Pentium 4series processor operating at 1.5 GHz speeding
up overall functions in our department. These stations are able to be networked
together using a device called a Hub allowing information to be shared faster, unlike
our older systems.

To implement this procedure, our department has suggested installing half of
the new workstations. This will allow half of the department a chance to train for an
estimated 3 weeks, while the other half continues the incoming workload. Then in 3
weeks install the rest of the new equipment and allow the first half of the new
workstations to take over the incoming workload. Then in 6 weeks the department
will be back in full force, implementing the new systems.

The department wishes to continue providing quality work for Computer
Technologies Inc. and feel we can do that with the purchase of these new
workstations to benefit everyone involved, from the consumer to the overall
productivity of our company.

*All company names a fictional; this assignment was made in College English 114*

company names a fictional; this assignment was made in College English 114*