Michael Lorenz

Michael Lorenz Senior English THE CLUTTERED DESK After walking through the white door with the curtain covered window, she surveyed the cluttered contents on the floor. The floor was covered with clothes of all sizes and colors. Along with cloths there were many types of shoes. Next to the mess of shoes there was something which was big and brown with chips and dents from years of use. It was missing something important that she had lost many years ago and never replaced.

The desk was beautiful and she considered it an important part of her life even if it was missing a drawer. Inside of the drawers there were keepsakes and articles of clothing. As she opened the top drawer it squeaked. She then looked inside to find a variety of socks. There were ankle socks, knee socks, soccer socks, tights, and nylons along with a few other personal items. When her examination was concluded she closed the squeaky drawer and moved on to the next drawer down.

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The second drawer appeared to be stuck and it required a little pushing and pulling to open it. Finally she managed to open the drawer and inside she found summer clothing. The cloths had obviously been stored away for the winter because they will not be of use to her during the cold season. Some of the clothes that were found in the drawer were articles such as cut off shorts from different materials. There were many shirts made for summer. They were all of different sizes.

Most were made of bright and brilliant colors. Many were bright like the sun. Upon closing the second drawer, she sees a sparkle from the next drawer down. The next drawer was partially open and she opened it the rest of the way. Inside there was a bag of pins that had been collected throughout the years of her life.

There were many pins for the varying seasons. In the drawer there were also papers that she had collected from the colleges. There were applications as well as campus information. Her eye was caught by the mess occupying the top of the desk. On top of the desk she viewed the cluttered mess.

It had two jewelry boxes filled with jewelry. Some of the jewelry was scattered across the top of the desk. Along with the jewelry boxes there was also a big blue wooden clock which had not worked for over a year. Next to the clock were books such as a dictionary, a thesaurus, and some light reading material. On top of the clock there were miniature toys which she has kept as collectors items.

The cloths were in need of a cleaning because they were covered with dust. On the opposite side of the desk there were three glasses containing different items. One of the glasses held rulers, erasers, and one pair of scissors. The second glass held colored pencils of all colors. Along with the colored pencils there were a few markers.

Looking at the third glass which had been knocked over, she noticed that there used to be pens and pencils inside of the glass. Another glance showed that the pens and pencils were scattered along with the jewelry. Even though the desk was a cluttered mess with clothes hanging out of drawers and things scattered about, she loved that dear old desk. She took one last glance at the desk before she left and the revealed to her friend that she would miss that desk when she went away. The desk was given to her as a gift before her grandmother passed away. So as she took one last glance, a single tear ran down her cheek.

And at last she said goodbye.