Mission Impossiable

Mission Impossiable MISSION IMPOSSIBLE In reading the ideas of David Hume, I have came to believe that he was telling us the miracles dont exist. They are sort of a Mission impossible. We have no evidence that they exist. Some might say that religion gives us examples of miracles. But there are no facts to support their miracles. If there ever was, then they were lost over the many years. People might also say that miracles happen all the time, but its just not true.

Everything that happens has some scientific fact or law behind in no matter how small. So to put it all in perspective, Hume’s argument against miracles centers around his fundamental position on causality. He claims that the human notion of cause and effect is ungrounded in empirical evidence, but rather given only reasonable probability through continuous reinforcement. I.e., I touch fire I feel pain. This does not eccesitate that when I touch fire I will always have to feel pain, but rather I have no good reason to think that it will not happen. Therefore his argument against miracles says that no one has good reason to believe that events outside of the witnessed laws of nature should ever occur. Miracles are for Hume irrational beliefs where causal belief is not absolute but rather probable. The problem is, what do you define as a miracle? An event that goes against the laws of nature or the fact that we even exist is a miracle.. certainly it is highly probable that we shouldn’t!.

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