Misunderstanding Life

Misunderstanding Life Misunderstanding life There were three words that changed my intellectual life and the way I had perceived things. Think about it! Those were the words that were said to me, the phrase think about it didn’t have such a powerful meaning until that day. I would have never thought that three words could change a person’s life, it changed mines. These words think about it became the most influential words I’ve ever heard. It was the person who said it and the way he said it that made me take the words in a serious way.

My life in elementary was taking a turn for worst I was a bad, carefree, and a want be hard core kid. Even with my mother in the school working as a teacher assistant my behavior was at a low for about eight hours a day at school. My sixth grade teacher on the first day said I’m not going to have any loud mouth punks in this class. This is my class if you or anyone else don’t like what I’m doing in here they will be asked to leave. When he announced that I believe that he was talking about me.

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What the teacher said to me during that time seemed to me as a bunch of garbage and it didn’t effect me, I knew what I was going to do (be a pest) and not do (be a angel). Even though this was the meanest teacher that was in the school and we disagreed on many things, I felt that he sensed that I respected him. In the middle of the school year I was often catching myself doing things that I wasn’t supposed to, just to test my boundaries. The process of my intellectual life changing came about because of a thing that I did to a girl. One day a girl and I were walking back to class after gym, the gym was in the basement and our class was on the fourth floor. I think just because she was a girl and I had a reputation of being bad, I had to do something to her that would make her laugh or get a reaction out of her.

So as we walked up the stairs I turned around and put my hands were they was not supposed to be. I heard her scream and I ran up the stairs faster than Carl Lewis. When she screamed it echoed and everyone in the building could probably hear. I ran away my classroom because I knew that the teacher would be waiting for me, he would have suspended me if she had told him what I did. So I ran to the second floor to the cafeteria were a stage was located, I know that I would have never been caught there. In the back of the cafeteria the stage was located with curtains, behind the curtains there was a closet in which no one used anymore, it had old pianos and instruments in it.

The closet was so scary because it was wet from the ceiling leaking, dark, narrow, and you never knew what was in there. I waited and waited in the closet for my teacher to come in and find me but he never did. I wanted to get out of the closet and let everyone know where I was, but I knew that I would get in trouble and my mom would beat me in school if they had found me there. While I was in the closet everyone was looking for me in the school. I began to think to myself that when I get out of the closet I would be considered a coward, pervert, or a nasty little rapist.

I said to myself that the sooner I came out of hiding the easier my punishment would be. I was in the closet for a long time when I went in it was about 10:45 and when I showed my face it was about 2:00. I guess when your in trouble time goes by fast and when your in a boring situation time goes by slow, well it flew by for me because I took napes occasionally It felt like I was only in the closet for a couple hours. When I mustarded up the courage to come out of the closet, I noticed that I was the only person standing in the cafeteria. And one of the only two people I wished wouldn’t walk threw the door came in, my mother (Mr.Keulaber was the other). My mom was crying, I asked her if she was mad she told me No I was just worried.

The whole time that I was in the closet everyone thought that I was kidnapped or something of that sort. My mom escorted me to the principal’s office saying nothing to me; the principal wasn’t present at her office because she was out in the school still looking for me, my mother sat me in front of the principal’s desk and then departed without saying anything to me. As I waited for someone to come in and talk to me I heard an announcement that Michael has been found; I came to realize that the girl had never told no one what I did. When she got in class and the teacher asked where was I she had to tell the teacher something like he was running to somewhere in a hurry and I don’t know were he ran to. I guess the teacher didn’t realize that I was gone for most of the end of the day.

It was a coincident that I wasn’t in trouble from the girl but now I was in trouble for running away. So the problem with the girl never came up, I only faced the problem of why I ran away. My mom entered back into the office she asked me Why I ran away to the closet I told her that I needed a break from everyone and I wanted to be alone. I could tell when my mother was mad because her eyes would get smaller in physical form, In which that had happened in the office. I recognize that I was over my head in trouble, all I did was pray to god that I would be able to survive this death trap that I made f …