Moma Duck And Her Seven Eggs

Moma Duck And Her Seven Eggs Once upon a time, there was a moma duck who was waiting for her 7 eggs to hatch. She was really exited, her friends the ducks were really happy too. She waited along time. Finally the day came in the morning about 9:00am she felt the eggs hatching, she scream with happiness, “Everybody the eggs are hatching come see them!” The ducks came running quickly. Finally the eggs hatch, the little ducks started saying “momy”, then after that the yellow ducks started saying “Momy please teach us to swim, we want to learn how to swim, and fly.” Moma duck say okay I’ll teach you’ll how to swim and fly.

Then she say come on children, but when she turned around she saw one egg that did not hatch. She said ” O my good there still is one more that hasn’t hatch.” Children we have to wait for your brother or sister. The little eggs started saying ” No mom you promised us.” Moma said after this egg hatch I’ll teach you all 7 to swim and fly. The little ducks were really mad After four hours the egg started hatching the ducks were really happy, but when the egg hatch a really ugly, purple duck said “Momy.” The other ducks started saying “He is ugly!” Moma duck say ” I’m sure my son duck will turn yellow after a few hours, but if not I don’t care you are all my children and I love you’ll no mater what.” After a few hours of playing, swimming and flying the ducks were happy except the purple duck. He wasn’t happy because his brothers and sisters did not play with him because he was different he felt left out.

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After a few days they stated liking him better even if he was different, because he loved his brothers and sisters and he was very nice and tried to play with them. Moma duck was happy because they loved his son as they all did. MORAL: Not matter if anybody is different you you don’t have to dislike them just because there are different.