Movie I Like

Movie I Like I felt that this movie was a very good learning tool. It demonstrated how stupid discrimination looked when the little third graders hated each other for the color of their eyes. It was amazing also to see the way that the children talked about blacks and Native Americans. They were only in third grade and they were using racial slurs to address these people. This shows how are society has changed over the last couple decades. Children now realize that it is wrong to talk about someone in that fashion.

It was interesting to see how the third graders reacted when they had a class reunion and watched the film. They all still remembered the lesson that they had learned in the classroom. This shows how a teacher can make sure that a lesson or idea stays in your head. The teacher realized that if she wanted these children to remember what it was like to be discriminated against she had to take drastic measure. We may not let this type of activity go on in the classroom today.

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People are very sensitive today and if their child came home and said that he or she was made to feel like an outsider most likely the parent would call the school and the teacher would get in trouble. The seminar that the teacher gave to the adults was especially interesting. It was very interesting to see how these adults reacted to being discriminated against. Many of them just sat there and took it but a few such as the old woman stood up and tried to talk back to the instructor. This was a futile point because the instructor would use the mere argument against the person to make them feel like less then a human being.

These adults knew they were there to learn something but they still got tangled up in the scenario and even went so far as to attack the teacher verbally. This video shows you how discrimination can destroy a group of people. The eye color just shows how stupid it is to hate someone for the color of his or her body. I think that everyone involved in this exercise came away from it knowing and understanding discrimination a lot better. Business.