Music Of The 70s

Music Of The 70’S Freewheeling War mixed rock, jazz, and soul influences into a spicy stew throughout the ’70s, resulting in a series of R&B and pop hits sporting funky melodies and politically aware messages. Born in Long Beach in 1969, the large combo initially served as rocker Eric Burdon’s group, backing the ex-Animal on his 1970 million-seller Spill the Wine. Bidding Burdon adieu, the band signed with United Artists in 1971 and enjoyed its first smash the next year with Slippin’ into Darkness. Tapping into a sizzling, horn-fueled rock/soul synthesis, The World Is a Ghetto, The Cisco Kid and Why Can’t We Be Friends? all went gold during the mid-’70s. Despite numerous personnel and label changes, War remained eminent throughout the ’80s.

In the early ’90s, War experienced a revival, partially due to the fact that all of their albums were reissued. But the group was also acknowledged as a primary influence on contemporary R&B and hip-hop. War returned to recording in 1994 capitalize on their new-found popularity. While 94’s War wasn’t a blockbuster, it was a moderate success, enabling the group to continue recording into the late ’90s. War may be available for your next special event.

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Call us! Please note that the above images may not accurately portray current band membership. Specifically, Harold Brown and Howard Scott do not play in the group WAR any longer. On January 11, 2001 we were informed that the ownership of the name WAR is currently in litigation in the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Music Essays.