My Grandmothers Landuryroom

My Grandmothers Landuryroom My Grandmothers Landuaryroom The first time I walked through my grandparent’s house I thought the living room with all of its beauty was my favorite room, but I changed my mind. As I continued through the house, I approached the master bathroom, which was just lovely. Later I discovered that their bathroom was my favorite place in her house. The colors in the bathroom were peaceful. The reflection from the day lily wallpaper, towels, and rugs added a brilliant blue color to the room.

When I was standing at the door, the next thing I saw was the curtain that hung above the whirl pool bathtub that sits in the opposite corner of the bathroom from where I was standing. The curtain was a beautiful light lavender blue. As I looked down, the shiny new white tile floor gleamed up at me. The fixture and bathing areas were just great. The stand-up shower with its graceful, clear glass doors really got my attention. The whirlpool bathtub in its own little corner had real day lilies surrounding it.

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The toilet with the oak surface seat and brass handle sat in its own little corner of the bathroom. The two-sink counter was beautiful, it had a brass tray with small, old perfume bottles on it: on each side of the sinks there is hanging medicine cabinets. I believe my grandparents’s bathroom is the most elegant of all bathroom’s that I have ever seen. I choose this part this place also because it is not an place most people go for beauty it a place where people go to do there business. I go there to relax or to just get lost in the elegance of the room.

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