My Life

My life is so interesting in regards to love happiness, and sorrow,
that I do not know where to begin. People often say that they love to have
me around because I entertain them. I always have a smile on my face! I
never show pain and sorrow, or any other private emotion. As a result of
playing football, I have learned how to mask my passions under my uniform.

The book on my life, it would be a combination of a comedy and tragedy.

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I like to laugh! Anytime people see me, I am either laughing or
smiling because life is too precious! I wake up at 5:30, to train for
football with other football players they show up frantic about waking up
sp early. When I get to practice I come laughing and playing around,
everyone’s mood changes. When people see someone smiling they begin to
smile themselves.

One of comedic thing that has happen in my life is my mother.

When I was little, my mother always did silly things to make me laugh. I
remember trying to make her laugh by sitting on a wall, it was not very
tall. While swinging my legs, I fell my head went into a bucket of oil.

It was early afternoon when this happen I jump on our porch wall, and I
kept swing my legs I swung it to hard enough where I flip over into the
bucket of oil. My mother said that’s the reason my hair is so shinny black
Second funny thing that happen was when I was in high school they
placed me into the wrong class by mistake. I was placed in a all female
heath class, I though that was the best thing that happen to me while I was
in high school. They made me pick another class but I think I learned more
in that class because of the female’s class input on what guys should do.

These things that happen to me were considered funny to others but it was
comedy to me.

Another situation should be in my life is some tragedies that has
happen to me in my life. One of them is when my father decided not to be
part of our family anymore. My father left my mother with five children:
Kelvin, Kelly, Tawfiq, Angela, and John. This was not good for my mother
because four boys can be hard work for a single parent. Luckily three of
the boys had common sense and understanding on the circumstances. We had
one bother that would not comply with rules that was laid forth by my
mother and that was Tawfiq. He turned to a life of crimes and drugs. When
I was little I had a V.C.R, my oldest brother Kelly had bought me, my
brother Tawfiq stole my V.C.R, and pawn it for money so he would be able to
buy his drugs. After he pawned my V.C.R he went to buy his drugs, and was
picked up by the Miami police. If my father was there for us Tawfiq would
of not turn to life of crime now he is doing hundred and sixty-eight months
behind bars. My mother was only able to save three boys, and two of them
engineering degrees if only father was around things would have been

Finally problems happen to me just like the problems happen to Stephen
King when he was growing up. This problem hit home which was me and nobody
else who had to deal with it was when I lost my football scholarship to
Bowling Green State University. I can still see the image of my coach
telling me they have to cut me because I didn’t make the grades. I can
still see it like it was yesterday some wrongs in my life I can never let
go because it drives me everyday to make them right. I don’t talk about it
much because it makes me cry on the inside when just think about the
situation. When a incoming freshman is predicted to come in and play right
away, you tend to forget about what is really important about college which
is school. I went to B.G.S.U and started over senior because I was an
excellent athlete which was predetermine for the N.F.L my Junior year.

Well all of that was wash down the hill with the rest of the trash when I
found out my days of playing football was over. All I had to do is
maintain a 2.00 and I couldn’t make it like plenty of freshmen nation wide.

The same man who hyped me up about coming to B.G.S.U was the same man who
told me to get out of his office because he has no need for me anymore
because I was no good to him now. That’s why I tell every incoming
freshman make sure you get your grades because you cannot trust coaches to
help you.

I only told you ten percent of what happen in my life and there is
more. I just wanted to you see why I smile and laugh so much. I have been
through the worst and now I know how to handle anything that comes in my
path. This is what my book would be made of.