Nathan Thayer

Nathan Thayer Cpw-3 Bill Clinton Oct. 15, 98 Many presidents of the United States have been accused of having an affair. Most of these accusations can not be proven. The presidents usually get off the hook and nothing else is said about the affair ever again. In Bill Clintons case it is very different.

He was accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Instead of letting it go, they decided to make a big deal about it and take the President to court. Of course, trying to protect his wife and daughter, the President lied under oath and denied having an affair with Monica. Now, they are taking President Clinton to court to decide whether he should be impeached or not. Bill Clinton only committed one crime and it was to protect his family.

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Clinton should not be impeached as president do to the fact that he has done a lot of good for our country. While some people think the president should be impeached due to his lying under oath, most know this to be untrue due to the fact that everyone in the world has lied at least once in their life. What Bill Clinton did was a normal mistake for many American men. Monica admitted to making the first move with Mr. Clinton.

Sure, Bill still shouldnt have done anything with her, but it would be hard for any fifty year old man to turn down a twenty year old woman. Everybody makes mistakes. This problem should have been handled between Clinton and his family, not the whole world. Bill apologized to all American people and his family for his mistake. People need to forgive and forget.

They need to give Bill Clinton a break and put themselves in his shoes. Why not just forget the whole situation and leave the president be. Mr. Clinton has also lowered the unemployment rate. More people have jobs now than ever before. These people can now support and feed their families. The more jobs there are the more money that is brought into the economy. Clintons achievements far out way his mistakes.

He has done as good of a job or better than any president ever before. He made one mistake. Now, People just want to throw him out on his butt, despite all the good he has done. People act like they are perfect and dont make mistakes. It is easier to criticize people than commend them for their achievements.

They should leave Clinton alone and let him live his own life. Bill Clinton saved social security. This helped many American people. He has also kept us out of any major wars. Clinton takes care of foreign problems as soon as he encounters them.

He teaches other countries that the United States is the wrong country to mess with. The man that bombed our United States embassy learned that he better not try anything again. This is how a president should be. He shouldnt wait until the last minute to take care of the problem. If more presidents before Clinton took care of problems as quick as Clinton does, we probably would not have had so many wars.

The President has done well in protecting his country. Bill Clinton has also wiped out the deficit. He is the first president to clear the deficit in thirty years. Actually, other countries owe the United States. This strengthens the economy.

More and more money comes into the United States. Our economy keeps getting better and better. There are more jobs than ever before. Fewer people are left without work to care for their families. The money keeps on rolling into the United States.

With a president like Bill Clinton running our country, the economy can only get better. People can complain about Bill Clintons mistake with Monica, but they sure dont complain about the job he has done as president. Obviously his personal life doesnt interfere with the way he does his job, so why do people care? The president should not be denounced from his position as president due to how much better he has made the whole economy of the United States, and has wiped out the deficit. He lowered the unemployment rate. Clinton saved social security. He has also done a good job defending his country. Bill Clinton made a normal mistake. He should be forgiven for his mistake.

It seems like after everything the president has done for the American people, that they could at least give him a break. His affair with Monica Lewinsky has nothing to do with his job as president. These issues should be kept in Clintons personal life. They are nobodies business but his own. Let the President do his job and live his own life.