Night Marchers in Hawaii

The ghostly apparitions called “Night Marchers” who haunt the islands of Hawaii can be clearly seen in the days known as Ku. Which the dates of the months, plus the new moon or full moon in the sky will mysteriously summon the Night Marchers out of their places. Although I have never really seen a Night Marcher in my life, I have saw another Hawaiian ghost, which generally is a walking, “harmless” ghost that appears in the late Spring(March 28 to April 14), and you can see him walking around the Island late at night(See the last paragraph about him).

Days You Could See the Night Marchers
Any month on the 12
Any month on the 14
Any month on the 24
Any month on the 25
Any month on the 26
Any month on the 27
Any month on the 28
The list above is a quite accurate days you might see the night marchers walking around. The reason why it is quite accurate is because of the little research that has been done in this field. What inspired me is because of the beginning that I made this report(April 7, 1997), when Mr. Lee talked about the arrival of the Night Marches on April 7, intrigued me to making this report, so I credit Mr. Mike Lee on this(Boy he sure does know a lot of things!). How Night Marches are summoned by these? I dont know, but Mr. Lees aspect is that ghosts see everything the opposite, the dark would be day, the new moon would be a black moon, while the full moon would be black, and the moon is cut off into the horizon will summon them, I dont really know how. They probably come out at about 7:30 PM to 8:45 PM. Some people say they could see torches, colors of torches, red, green, blue, orange, yellow. The colors of the torches stands for their rank, but it is not fully researched yet.

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