Perfection For An Imperfect World

Perfection For An Imperfect World Perfection For an Imperfect World Perfection is an objective that has never and will never be accomplished in this world. God made man with the ability to make his own decisions; unfortunately this also meant man could sin. This factor proves that while man is still on this earth, perfection is a hopeless goal. But despite this cold hard truth, mankind still struggles to find perfection in their life. If one looks in the nature of man, it is easy to see that they try to achieve perfection in the hopes and dreams of their lives. Man tries to earn these dreams through effort, dedication, and an attitude of persistence.

Many of their dreams are accomplished, but they are never completely achieved. In a human sense there is a level perfection, but it is not completely perfect. Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away (Antoine de St. Exupery). This quote flawlessly describes the human level of perfection. In a sense it is possible to achieve perfection, but because of mans desire to sin, a complete sense of perfection will never be achieved.

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A flawed world created many problems with the divine destination of its inhabitants, but God created a perfect solution for this imperfect world. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). This verse explains to man that despite its human failures and imperfections, God sent his only son to make a way for man to gain access into a perfect world. This perfect world is a place where only complete and absolute perfection can exist, thus making its inhabitants perfect. It is impossible to think how marvelous it really is to live in this perfect world.

This is why God made mans world an imperfect one, so that His world would be even more spectacular than what any man could ever conceive. Despite the fact that imperfection is a hopeless goal on this world, there is a world with only perfection, heaven. Those who accepted God in their hearts will live in this world as perfect beings, but those who did not know Him will be sent to a world that strives on imperfection. In this world man can still create humanly perfect objects, but they will never be entirely perfect. Perfection is an achievement only divinity can accomplish. -425 Words Bibliography n/a Social Issues.