Personal Communications

.. . Avoids the use of power. 3. Makes and express decisions in a thoughtful, deliberate manner.

Im more Reflective Style more than anything. Ethical Choices, always includes these six things. Trustworthiness; Be honest and sincere. Dont deceive or mislead and never betray a trust. Respect; Be courteous and polite by being appreciative and accepting of differences. Responsibility; Be accountable for your actions. Dont make excuses or take credit for other work. Fairness; Treat all people fairly, be openminded and listen to opposing ponits of view.

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Caring; Show you care about other through kindness, caring, sharing. Citizenship; Play by the rules and obey the laws. How personal values are formed. Five part valuing. 1. Thinking, learn to think for yourself.

2. Feelings, go with your gut feeling. If you think its wrong it probably is. 3. Communicating, values and choices are much easier when directed in an easy way to understand. 4. Choosing, your values must be freely selected with no outside pressure. 5.

Acting, think about what your going to do before you do it. If you follow these five steps youll be on your way to good ethics. There are my influences on us, including Religious Groups, Schools, Media, Family, the people we admire. These enviromental influnces can only be the rightway if you beleive its the right way. If you keep an openmind that the only one who can give you ehical choices is you.

You might be better off. With changing times ethical choices change with the social norm. But again it might not always be the right way to view things. You ahve to find ethical choices in yourself. Through all this in the job place you might have to work with someone you disagree with there ethical choice or value.

You have to find a common ground between you too. Talk about something you both like or believe in. Try not to bring up values, or opinions. To have ethical employees the company has to have ethical values also. If the company is cheating people what kind of values does that show the employees? None.

Why cant they steal if the company does? Whatever the company does affects the employees in all parts, and levels. When a company is running with values and showing that to the employees at all levels the company will run smoother and a lot more production. Nothing is more powerful for emloyees than to see their mangers behave according to their expressed values and standards Dan Rice and Craig Dreilinger. Attitudes affect you everywhere you go and who you meet. Especialy at a work place. Theres a chain that comes along with attitude. Values–Attiudes–Behaviors.

Attitudes are usually form from childhood experence with maybe yelling in a house hold or Mother doing everthing and Dad doing nothing. It affects you as you get older. People in your life around you as a child will shape your attitude for when you get older. Rewards and punishment play a huge role in what your attitude maybe. Example if you as a child was told to clean your room and you did and you got rewared. But now all the time you clean your room you expect to be rewarded. Different caltures have different attiutes.

Example Asain students study harder than American students because there we brought up to study hard, no job until they have reached end of school. As for American students layed back, and have jobs, but has to handle both. Attuitudes dont always have to be with an outside issue this can be brought up in the work place. Example, your manger comes into work late and leave early, or calls in to go to a golf match. This kinda attitude by the manger sahpes the attitude for the employees. Being a team player is more valueable to a company than being someone who knows more. Being a team player concist of not always ask yourself whats in it for me, or always complaining to do soemthing when asked to cover for someone. Another thing that brings good attitude is usually good health.

If you eat healthly you usually have more energy to give more, and you feel good about yourself. Many companies are realizing employees attitudes are affecting how things are run and production levels. If a company has everyone from the bottom up include ideas, and hear ideas. The emlopyees feel needed to get a job done. When companies are orginized the employees feel they are needed a company will run better than ever.

Building trust, and selfdisclosure. Selfdisclosure is a process of letting people know what you think, feel or want. Building trust starts by showing someone something you said you would do, not by just saying. Its one of the most impotant ways you let yourself be known. Selfdescription is nonthreating information like your age, favorite food, where you were born, etc. There are benifits gained by Selfdisclosure. Increased accuracy in communication, Reduction of stress, Increased selfawareness, and Stronger realtionship.

Johari Window. Is a model that shows there is some information you know about yourself and other information you are not aware of. There is some information about you, that you are not aware of that others are. This model shows that in different windows. Its a box with four quadrants in it.

Top left 1 Open, Top right 2 Blind, Bottom left 3 Hidden, and bottom right 4 unknown. The top of the intire box is information known to other, and the bottom half is information not known to others. From the top left to the right is information known to yourself. The right information not known to yourself. The open area is your public self, or awareness area.

This is information you dont mind admitting to yourself. The Blind is an area that others are aware of that you arent. Getting feedback about this area can be helpful. The hidden is an area that contains information about you that you know, but other do not. The unknown is an area made up of things unkown to you and to others. Example unrecongnized talent, unconscious motives, or early childhood memories that influence your behavior.

This window never completely disapears. As you grown older the window cahnges but not that much. Contructive criticism is good because it shows you what you cant see. But there are certain ways to use it. Always avoid using You. example, You didnt complete the task Psychology.