Pinocchio The book that I am doing my oral Book Report on is The classic Book, Pinocchio. The Author of the recreated Masterpiece is Carlo Collodi, the Illustrator, is Greg Hilderbrandt. The Publisher is The Unicorn Publishing House in New Jersey. The copyright is in 1986. This book is a classic. Short Summary Pinnochio, before becoming his puppet form, is a simple block of wood, which an unfortunate lumberjack by the name of Cherry comes across and decides to make a fire with him, Pinocchio in the small shack of the lumberjack, cries out in protest of being thrown in the fire.

The lumberjack, who was a very spiritual fellow though that some thing had inhabited his cabin before realizing that his block of wood was crying in his hand. At that very moment there was a knocking on the door and in came Geppetto, better known as Polendina by the neighbourhood boys because of his very bright yellow wig. Anyways Geppetto came in and asked the burly lumberjack if he could have a piece of wood, because that morning he had an impulse to make a puppet. The lumberjack agreeing and relieved to find a way of getting rid of the piece of wood and handed it over immediately, but just as the two hands transferred the wood the piece of wood cried out “Pollendina”! Geppetto outraged at being ca lled this scr eamed at the Cherry for he did not know that the wood had said it, so  ?% Cherry then said that the wood had said that, Geppetto furious struck Cherry for thinking he was a imbecile and a huge fight occurred. After the fight the two men got up and shook hands and promised to be friends forever.

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As soon as Geppetto got home he began work on the puppet and as soon as he had finished the mouth he decided to name the puppet Pinnochio. The puppet then started to laugh for no apparent reason, Geppetto was beginning to get angry. So he finished up the rest of Pinnochio’s body and just as he was rummaging an old chest for some small clothes Pinocchio jumped up and ran out and away. Geppetto then ran after the puppet and caught him in the middle of a road, as he scolded Pinocchio a crowd gathered and some of them said that Geppetto would harm the puppet when they got home so Geppetto was sent to jail and Pinnochio ram away from the ca rbineer he was in and set foot for home. When he entered the small room he noticed a voice talking, the voice was the talking cricket.

The cricket advised him to go to school and called him an Imp for not wanting to go, Pinocchio in his rage threw a hammer at the poor cricket and “SPLAT” that was the end of the cricket. Pinocchio then dozes of in front of the fire and sleeps overnight in warmth. The next morning he sees his legs are gone and starts to cry. Just then Geppetto gets home and demands the door be opened but Pinocchio legless cried out his situation. Geppetto did not believe until he had climbed up the ladder and seen himself. Sorry for the puppet Geppetto then made Pinocchio a new pair of legs.

Geppetto then feeling sorry for Pinocchio gives him his breakfast of three pears. Then Pinocchio promises to go to school, Geppetto then goes out and sells his coat so that he can buy Pinocchio a spelling book. Pinocchio, on his way to school, heres music and excitement and heads towards it’s direction curious. It lands up to be a fair and Pinocchio wanting to go in to see the puppet show sells his spelling book for admission. Inside the theatre he sees other puppets.

Inside the puppets see Pinocchio and run to him and pick him up on their shoulders because all the puppets loved Pinocchio. Their master Fire Eater demands to burn a puppet so his meal will get hot. Pinocchio begs for no one to be burnt and is granted his wish. Fire Eater after hearing Pinocchio’s sad story about his father selling his own coat so he may go to school. Fire Eater in his pity gives Pinocchio five gold pieces and tells him to take them to his father. Pinocchio is enormously grateful and heads on his way home.

On the way he meets a fox and a cat and they tell him about a valley where when you plant your money in grows into a tree of money. Curious, Pinocchio set off with the two thieves towards the Valley Of Miracles. On the way they s topped and ate a huge meal costing poor Pinocchio a whole gold piece. Then Pinocchio heard the voice of the dead cricket and took it’s advice on going home. Setting on towards home to award his father with the remnant of the five gold pieces he comes along some assassins and they demand that he gives them his money.

Pinocchio bites of one of the Assassins “PAW” and set off across the valley towards a small house in hopes of finding aid. He is caught before he makes it towards the house and is hung on a tree until he spits the money out of his mouth. The fairy in the small house sees all that happened and sent a carriage to get Pinocchio. When he came back there were three doctors waiting to examine him. They all diagnose him as near dead and to take medicine until he gets better.

Pinocchio refuses to take any medicine and is finally convinced to take it when some huge black rabbits come in and say that they are here to take him. Pinocchio then s tarts towards home again and meets the Fox and the Cat and is convinced again to go to the field of miracles. When he gets there and waits for them to grow the Cat and the Fox take the Gold pieces and they take off into the wilderness. Pinocchio is thought to be bluffing and is put in jail. After four months of jail he is let out and finally on his way home he goes to grab a bushel of grapes and is caught by the owner and is sent as a punishment to take the place of his old dog. Pinocchio catches at night the poultry yard thieves and is rewarded with his freedom.

He sets of to go the Fairy’s house, but when he reaches the small house all that remains is tombstone with the Fairy’s name on it. Pinocchio then went to look for his father Geppetto. He found a pigeon that flew him to the shore and left him there and he saw Geppetto in a small boat rowing in search of Pinocchio. Before he reached the shore his boat sunk and Pinocchio went after him. Pinocchio woke up in another count ry and finds the Fairy again but she has grown up and she becomes Pinocchio’s Mother.

After a long while of school and good behaviour Pinocchio is awarded with being turned into a real boy. But that very night he decides to go with one of his friends to a place where they would stay boys forever. But it turns out to be a trick and Pinocchio and his companions were turned into donkeys. The next day they sent to the market to be sold and Pinocchio was bought by a circus trainer and trained to be a circus donkey. On the big night he saw the Fairy in the audience and ruined the show by running into the audience and trying to talk to her.

Pinocchio is sold again to a man who wants to drowned him and skin him. Pinocchio donkey skin is eaten by fish and he turns into a puppet again. He then sets of to find the dogfish that swallowed his father and swallowed by the Dogfish himself. That night they escape and go to small town were Pinocchio starts a livi ng and supports his father. He then realizes that the Fairy is in the same town and ill so he supports her too and that night he is rewarded by finally being turned into a boy and Geppetto is fully well and has a small shop were he works. Critical Analysis This book is really quite active all around, the setting is always changing and the story moves along at a nice pace, the characters are extremely well described and their thought easily translated on to paper.

The Illustrator of this book has bigger credit than the Author but I guess Greg Hilderbrandt deserves it after all his famous drawings. The character development was well done describing the many things Pinocchio changes into, as for the general interest I think that most people would like it because of all the mischief Pinocchio gets in so that helps create tension and excitement. And for adding a little spice Mr. Collodi threw in a bit of old English humour to perfect this masterpiece. A slight drawback of the book is that is unabridged and old English sometimes becomes hard to follow. My overall rating for this book is 9/10.

My Recommendations I recommend this book to people twelve plus because you got to have a slight idea what “Thou createn, I will have my Vengeance!” means, I also recommend this book to all readers who like fiction and outrageousness, because I don’t think you can live in the digestive track of dogfish for four years without being fried by the stomach acid. I also think that this book DEFINITELY not for those die-hard Steven King fans because being a fan of Steven King it was hard to get into style of non-gore reading, I didn’t think the real Pinocchio was so good because I thought it was amateur reading material but I was just relating to the elementary version of Pinocchio. Time Capsule The ten most important moments in the book are 1.Pinocchio first being carved into a puppet. 2.When Pinocchio saves the puppets at the puppet house. 3.Pinocchio being convinced to go too the Field Of Miracles. 4.Pinocchio being chased by Assassins.

5.Meeting the Fairy and saving his life. 6.Having his money stolen by the Fox and the Cat. 7.Finding the Fairy again in the new Country. 8.Being taken to the “Magic” land with his friends. 9.Saving his father from inside the Dogfish.

10.Finally being turned into a boy. This concludes my Oral Book Report thank-you for your time and patience. THE END.