Pride and prejudice

Colored people and women in this two poems are compared equally too each other and placed as a race in which men have to control over them and treat them how he wants too. Women during the eighteenth century no matter if she was independent and wealthy, if she wanted to divorce from her husband it was not permitted. Meanwhile slaves no matter how intelligent or respectful and friendly they never would be able to be free from their owners.
In this two poems the word master is used to describe the man of the house who controlled over the others, abusing them physically and mentally, example in poem Slavery they pronounce the phrase in line 38:
Your sum of glory boasts a like amount
what it is even worst is that during that time it was as normal as now a days a woman getting divorce in others word it was permitted by the law, a perfect example is line 6, in the poem To the ladies:
And man by law supreme has made
Both woman and slave had to obey their owners and if not any kind of disrespect would tear up apart their agreement. A perfect example is in the poem To the Ladies in line 12-13:
Will the nuptial contract break.

Like mutes, she signs alone make
This lines express us clearly that if you had to obey as animal do and if not alone they will be left. For a woman if she was left alone during that time she was not going be able to survive again because nobody was going to give a job to her or accept her in society so she was left with no other choice than to fallow orders just as salves do.
But finally the best compare I could find was the fact that the authors protects the wickets and provides them with energy and value to fight for their rights and stand for themselves, sending a message with a lot of courage and hope telling them to be proud of who you are and fight for your position in life, and the example is shown in lines of the poems To the Ladies line 21-22:
Value yourself, and man despise: You must be proud, if youll be wise.
And Slavery, a Poem- line 9,10,11.

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No: they heads to think, and hearts to feel,
And souls to act with firm, though erring, zeal;
Fort hey have keen affections, kind desires,
Love strong as death, and active patriot
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