Pure Capitalism

Pure Capitalism My idea of the perfect government could be called Pure Capitalism. It is based on survival of the fittest and not all people are created equal. To explain this government I will compare it to our current system. The biggest concept is that the people have complete control of most all economic conditions. Taxes: I do not believe in an income tax, I want to choose what I do with my money.

Income in my view is a form of double taxation. To make up for the loss of no income tax, the sales taxes would be increased, not only would this allow people to have more control over there money it would virtually eliminate tax fraud. The sales tax could not tax food intended for consumption, clothing, or other Basic necessities of life. On average products the rate would be a flat percentage rate, and on products considered luxiourus the rate would be exponential, much like our current income tax system. A new administration would be formed to control the rates and stop double taxation.

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The inheritance tax would be abolished, if I want to work hard my life, throw all of my money in the bank, and leave it to my kids so that they can sit around doing nothing till the day they die, I shouldnt have to pay for politicians to do sit around there whole life too. Welfare: The current welfare program pisses me off. In pure capitalism there would be a one year minimum for basic welfare, after that, all you get is a big good luck!, no one ever said life was fair. If you cant get a job in 365 days you dont deserve for me to support you. The only exception here would be if someone was receiving average or higher education, in which the welfare program would last one year after completing the course.

A set amount of bonus welfare would be received for each dependent when the program is started, but a deduction larger that the original bonus for any children born after the program has started. This is to discourage the inferior from reproducing. Poor breed poor. Again there is any exception for advrige or higher education received. In order to encourage private businesses to form, an extremely powerful business loss compensation loss program would be designed.

In order for an economy like this one to survive, it takes guts on the part of the individual, unfortunately that is the reason many potential Trumps are never discovered. To counteract this, any business which is registered with the govt and then fails, will have compensation equal to the amount invested in the business initially, that way someone couldnt start a business, inflate the vaule till it is about to crash, then liquidate to receive the amount of the inflated value. They could only get to amount they invested in it back. Labor: Every business needs a power work machine. Labor Unions in my ideal economy would have much more power provided by the government.

Corporations would be required to sell stock to its workers. 401(k) plans would be highly encouraged, and other fringe benefits provided. When you retire the amount recieved would be based on two things. (1) How successful you where in life. (2) How hard you worked. With higher emphasis on number 2, people who have lower job skills would still be encouraged to work harder, knowing that it will eventually pay off in the long run.

Poor breeds poor, but if the poor stay on the right track, they can still have a decient life. This last section is to cover the broader based ideals in the perfect economy. Kill the All people created equal polacy. Lets face it, some poeple are superior and some are inferior, the minorities cant call for affirmative action by hiding behind that statement. If I want to hire someone based on the color of there skin or there fathers father, I will do it.

Forget minimum wage, you get paid what you are worth, if you are worthless you get paid less. Likewise, if you have a good education and give it your all, you are worth more and thus get paid more. Though bleeding hearts would be in tears after reading this, I belive that this economy, though vague, would create a world power compairable to the present world military condition, alowing us to control the weak, not bleed all over them.