Rain Main

Rain Main Rain Man, a film about an exceptional person, portrays the life of Raymond Babbot and his struggle to be understood and loved by his brother Charlie Babbot. This academy award-winning drama stars two incredibly talented actors – Tom Cruise (Charlie) and Dustin Hoffman (Raymond). These two brothers, separated at a young age by Raymonds exceptional condition, find themselves later in life brought together by their fathers death. The movie grabs the heart of its audience in an attempt to bring together the life of the exceptional person with that of the normal mainstream life. The Rain Man drama begins with a young man (Charlie) sorting through his acceptance with his fathers death, or shall I say basically waiting to find out exactly what his inheritance may be. The Babbot family never really had a history of togetherness as Charlie and Raymonds mother lost her life at their young age and while Charlie was three Raymond was sent off to WallBrook, a facility meeting the needs of exceptional people.

As the inheritance is read to Charlie, he finds himself left with only a Buick convertible and a rose bush, while the rest of his fathers $3.5 million estate was left to a trustee (a director at the WallBrook facilities). Distraught with the idea that someone else has the money that Charlie needs, he heads off to meet with the trustee at WallBrook. Once there, Charlie Babbot finds himself not helped at all and upon leaving meets the genius of Dustin Hoffman (Raymond Babbot), which begins the story of Rain Man. Raymond Babbot is what is known as an autistic-savant, or also referred to as an idiot-savant. This is a problem usually categorized by a problem with communicating, learning, and expression of ones self. Raymond has an extensive routine which he follows daily from the times of television shows he watches, to bed times, to food he eats, to the exact arrangement of his room.

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Anything interfering with this exact routine makes Raymond extremely nervous. He also has trouble making decisions with the repeated line I dont know. Though Charlie first thinks Raymond to be stupid, retarded, and a complete idiot, he later finds Raymond to be an utter genius with numbers and statistics – basically anything to do with order and arrangement. Excited about having a brother and the opportunity to get the money left by his dad, Charlie kidnaps Raymond from WallBrook. Very quickly Charlie gets disgusted with Raymond and unwilling to accept that he doesnt understand some things.

Because of this and the fact that Charlie has such an inability to understand others because of his own selfishness., Charlies girlfriend leaves him. Then begins Charlie and Raymonds infamous trip to California. This part is where I believe the author is intending to introduce inclusion of exceptional people into the mainstream, normal life. All of the sudden Raymond is thrown unexpectedly into everyday situations. Immediately Charlie begins to find out just what a tremendous schedule and time frame Raymond must be on.

This is very evident in Raymonds need to watch television shows such as The Peoples Court and Jeopardy and also with the exact food schedule coordinated by the days of the week. Raymond is very set in his ways which bring Charlie to a heated height. For example: just as they are about to board a plane, Raymond starts blurting out all of these statistics about plane crashes and how unsafe it is to fly. Then later refuses to go out when it is raining. Charlie becomes extremely disgusted with Raymond, but then dramatically turns around and begins to understand Raymond and the needs he has in his life.

On the Babbot brothers great trip to Las Vegas they find themselves all suited up and rolling in the dough with Raymonds genius ability to play black jack (count cards). Charlie then has enough money to pay off his debt. They get to stay in the high rollers suite and this is really the first time it is evident of Charlies love for Raymond. As they enter the room they find the bed in the right place and the room prearranged just as Raymond would have it. Raymond and Charlie continue their adventure to California where Charlie has then done a complete 180 turnaround.

No more is Charlie thinking of himself or the money, but instead his love for Raymond – his brother. Family is important to him. He just wants to be around his brother Raymond and care for him as Raymond (Rain Man) once cared for Charlie when he was a young boy. Although this drama is about two brothers finding their love for each other through the eyes of an autistic person, I see it more as the exceptional persons fight against the views of society. While Charlie was trying so hard to teach Raymond about how to get along and how to do things, it was actually Raymond teaching Charlie patience, understanding, love, kindness, generosity and compassion.

So often we all put ourselves first and do everything only to help us out. We tend to walk over people and not take into account their feelings and situations. This drama teaches us all that there is so much more to life and that we sometimes cant see this unless it is through the life of another. So often we exclude others who are not exactly just like us. What makes us so much better? Whos to say it isnt us who are abnormal.

I see these exceptional people such as Raymond Babbot as Gods angels who are here to make us realize how good God really is, how all of us are different, and how we all can learn to love each other. If we could all just go back to the days where we looked both ways to cross the street, think before we spoke, didnt say mean things to people, and had cookies and milk everyday at 3 oclock followed by an afternoon nap – then I believe the world would be a much better place. Cinema and Television.