Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson Analysis of Genius Ralph Waldo Emerson was a brilliant man who took the meaning of self-reliance to another uniform. His convoluted conceptions on Genius and Transdentalism are more in touch with self. His inhabitants and whereabouts such as the Waldon pond were very substantial to him. David Thoreau a mere apprentice also shared the same residents for a brief time with Emerson. The two believed that society was everywhere like a joint stock company, where its members agree for better security of its bread for the shareholders.

Both having strong belief in simplicity altered their lifestyle to a solitude place in nature. One would pose the question of Emerson’s inclinations. When speaking Emerson tends to use masculine terminology which brings the time period to question also. A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mindstated on p. 233 is a cue example. Emerson’s open-minded theory suggested he supported women as well.

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Belief in Transdentalism brang him to the conclusion that to believe your own thought, to believe what is true for you in your private heart is genius p. 233. Man must first believe in his own self rather than a plain partisan. Self-reliance is not only by thought but by deed as well. Emerson is very strong-minded individual with firm ideas. His beliefs in Transdentalism express his attitude towards society itself.

Transdentalism is almost a religion within a religion. The belief in a higher power exists in the psyche and is realized when one visits the genius. Rarely does man have the opportunity to examine and escalate his understanding of this mindpower. Worldly distraction such as society may keep the individual from discovering the level of brainpower he or she may poses. Emerson’s writings appear very vague until proven other wise.

His ideas on genius are abstract until he explains conscious belief. Isolation has moreover helped influence the stages of the genius. Emerson’s word choice was not only complex but also used in an outdated manner. His attitude is shown very strongly through his writing. All things considered Emerson led a life totally devoted to the research of his beliefs.

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