Rap Lyrics And The Elements Of Poetry

Rap Lyrics And The Elements Of Poetry MUSICAL LYRICS AND POETRY Poetry is language that is more intense than the ordinary language. The elements of poetry make it recognizable that there are techniques and styles that add to this intensity. These elements can be found in the lyrics of many rap songs, especially within the lyrics of Whats It Gonna Be by Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson. Rhyme is the most practiced element of poetry. It is defined as being the repetition of sounds in language. You can find this repetition within many verses of Whats it Gonna Be. For example, in verse one Baby just tell me how you feel, we livin it and just givin it to you real.

The two ending words feel and real gives the song a rhyming effect. Another example of rhyme is in lines eight and nine of verse one. These lines say, To my people who regulatin the dance floors, better step in yo business and handle yours. Floors and yours also add the rhyming effect of this song. The rhyme in Whats it Gonna Be classifies this song as being somewhat poetic.

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Poetry communicates experience, and experience comes to us largely through the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and touching). Imagery is a mental and visual impression that appeals to one of the five senses. Visual imagery is a sense thats expressed throughout Whats it Gonna Be. For example, verse two line twelve says, Paintin a picture I see its hot on the window. See is the keyword in line twelve that shows visual imagery.

Hearing is another sense thats used frequently within this song. For example, the chorus says Gonna make, gonna make, your body scream out yeah! This verse is very effective in expressing the sense of hearing. When it is read, the exclamation mark brings this verse alive. If the exclamation mark wasnt there the keyword scream still classifies this as an example of imagery. Voice is another element of poetry that this song seems to have. The speakers in Whats it Gonna Be are Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson.

The chorus is sung by Janet and the verses are rapped by Busta Rhymes. The tone of Whats it Gonna Be is somewhat excited and fast paced. When you read the chorus it gives you an energetic feeling. For example, Gonna make, gonna make, your body wet. Gonna make, gonna make, your body scream out yeah! When reading this the commas and exclamation mark speeds up the pace of the song.

Theme is the overall idea expressed within a story, song, or poem. The primary theme of Whats it Gonna Be is sex. Busta Rhymes and Janet are telling the listeners of this song all the things they can do sexually. An example of this is, And makin you women say (ahh) baby come on. Busta Rhymes has a somewhat cocky approach to sex.

Janet Jackson also has this same cocky approach. For example, Gonna make, gonna make, your body cream. When Janet refers to cream shes saying that she can make someone reach their sexual peak. Overall this songs theme has a very strong sexual meaning. Figurative language is defined as words that mean something other than the actual meaning. The majority of rap songs have a large amount of figurative language. Whats it Gonna Be has a abundant amount of this.

For example, full fledge hittin with Busta Rhymes and Janet and you know its… The word hittin means sex, so in other words this verse is saying full fledge sex with Busta Rhymes and Janet. Another example of figurative language is, Making you people just wanna bounce and get busy. Bounce refers to leaving and get busy means having sexual intercourse, so this verse says making you people just wanna leave and have sex. In conclusion, Whats it Gonna Be has very strong poetic elements. This song had rhythm, theme, imagery, and voice. Actually I couldnt find that many figures of speech, such as a metaphor or a simile, but I could find some figurative language.

Overall I feel that this assignment made me realize how poetic some rap songs can be. This assignment also made me become familiar at recognizing the elements of poetry. Poetry Essays.