Refutation Imposing A Rescue Fee

Refutation – Imposing A Rescue Fee Bridget King Basic Comp. Refutation Essay January 11, 2000 Sending Out an S.O.S On January 2nd, while I was perusing the Providence Journal I stumbled upon the editorial page. On the page was an article titled Imposing a Rescue Fee which was written by an anonymous author. This person favored imposing a fee for people whom needed rescuing from life or death situations. While reading this article I became very upset.

Although the author does have the right to his or her opinion there are several flaws presented. I strongly disagree with the idea of imposing a rescue fee. Imposing a rescue fee will damper many peoples adventure streaks. People will not want to participate in any recreational activities; risks will not be taken at all for fear of needing rescue. The rescue fee is simply an intimidation factor and if it is passed the natural curiosity of people will become extinct. Besides that, a fee can not be put upon a persons life.

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A person has the right to do what they please with their life, if theyd like to gamble with their life let them. The author stated the ease of using cell phones on which more hikers plead for help. Well duh, isnt that the purpose a cell phone serves? The purpose of a cell phone is to be able to call for help during an emergency or sticky situation. The author also goes as far as to say hikers often cant make up their minds whether they really need to be rescued, or just want to hear a friendly voice I dont think so, if you have been stranded on the peak of a mountain for three days without food or water, it is clearly a time to call for help. One major flaw presented in the article is the issue of money. Most of America is filled with average working Joes and they are not made of money.

So the article not only imposes a ridicules idea but also discriminates against the financially challenged portion of society. By imposing the fee it is basically saying only the rich can be adventurous. Although I do not agree at all with the idea of imposing a rescue fee I also think the author had good intentions. The world in which we live must be safe to an extent but freedom is also very important. You only live once and you have to live life to the fullest and if that means jumping off a cliff with some cloth tied to your back, so be it.