Relying On Our Government

In this essay I will be talking about the constitution and the
amendments. Throughout American history, constitution served as a key to
America’s success in politics and economics. There have been some changes
in constitution, and sometimes it has been used improperly. Many believe
that constitution is not as powerful these days as it was before. I must
say that U.S. constitution is the greatest compared to all other nations in
the world, and America’s future depends on it. I never was a politician
type of a person. I would always look at things positively, and hope for
the better. But my research shows that America would have been even more
successful it people like me were more in to politics, because things don’t
just happen- some people make things happen- and people like me just live
trough those things without knowing much.

I personally admire the 1st amendment of constitution which states
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,
or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to
petition the government for a redress of grievances”. Equality and freedom
is the key factory in American government, and that’s the biggest factor
that attracts most immigrants to U.S. Freedom of speech and religion allows
people to be free and fearless in many aspects. People that were born in
U.S. are very fortunate because the have had the freedom that people of
other country never even dreamed of. The bad thing is that most Americans
take advantage of their freedom, don’t appreciate it as much, or just
living their lives outside of the REAL world.

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Freedom, the key word that brought a lot of controversy and dispute
especially about slavery that has been around for many years, and is still
around in some places in the world. Constitutionally America went through
one of the most momentous revolutions in its time. The country was now torn
apart over the idea that the south had the constitutional right to decide
whether or not slavery should be allowed. The south believed that as is
stated in the constitution any power not delegated to the national
government is solemnly reserved for the states and the people. Never had an
issue been so fiercely fought about that it took a nation to be torn in
half and many thousands of lives lost until it was finally set right.

Another prime example of this was that after the great civil war had been
fought and the north declared the victors the government was almost in a
state of anarchy.

There were arguments every about whether the government had true
constitutional means to do anything about the civil rights of Blacks, how
would the southern states be reintroduced into the union, should they use
Lincolns 10% plan which would allow the rebel states representation once
more after 10% of the voters of the 1860 election had sworn elegance to the
union or the much harsher plan of the radical republicans which would only
allow the states back into the union after 50% of the voters had sworn
elegance and other much harsher circumstance had been completed? There were
many disputes over how to handle each and every one of these issues that
lead all the way to the presidency. The constitution was being used in ways
that it never had been before, but through all this chaos and disarray it
was the one thing that kept this country bound as a union. Without it we
may have never survived the even more colossal social developments during
this time period.

The Constitution’s basic principles are directly related to the long
tradition of self-rule and religious tolerance in colonial and
revolutionary America. Much evidence to support this claim can be found in
the wording of the Constitution itself. Even the Preamble has an important
idea that arose from the Revolutionary period. The first line of the
Preamble states, “We the People of the United States…” This implies that
the new government that was being formed derived its sovereignty from the
people, which would serve to prevent it from becoming corrupt and
disinterested in the people, as the framers believed Britain’s government
had become. If the Bill of Rights is considered, more supporting ideas
become evident. The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom could
have been influenced by the colonial tradition of relative religious
freedom. This tradition was clear even in the early colonies, like
Plymouth, which was formed by Puritan dissenters from England seeking
religious freedom. Roger Williams, the proprietor of Rhode Island, probably
made an even larger contribution to this tradition by advocating and
allowing complete religious freedom. William Penn also contributed to this
idea in Pennsylvania, where the Quakers were tolerant of other

The form of government specified by the Constitution seems to be a
continuation of this tradition. First, the Constitution specifies a
federal system of government, which gives each individual state the right
to a government. Second, it specifies that each state shall be represented
in both houses of Congress. The lower house, the House of
Representative, furthermore, is to be directly elected by the people. If
the Bill of Rights is considered, the religious aspect of the tradition
becomes apparent. The First Amendment states,”Congress may make no law
respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof…,” showing that, unlike the British government, the new US
government had no intention of naming or supporting a state church or
suppressing any religious denominations.

Many people question politicians and the government its self about one
or the other action of some kind that may have been unconstitutional in
some ways. In my opinion constitution is very powerful, but there comes a
time when we must overlook some aspects of it. Let’s take the resent
tragedy of September 11th, the terrorist attack on America. Hundreds of
families were destroyed and people’s lives changed- was it constitutional?
I don’t think so, but in any event America still tries to fight back very
carefully, to make sure that their every action is constitutional. Many
people expressed their opinions during that tragic week, and most Americans
new that the only way we can effectively strike back is to attack without
their knowledge right away, and not wait days and weeks before making a
constitutional decision. But then again that’s just my opinion.

Constitution is as powerful as the government, but our government has
to have the control over it, and may be sometimes overlook the law if it’s
necessary. America has never seen a powerful war before, and has never
experienced various strategies that may be used by the enemy. America is
not as experienced as it should be. Vladimir Putin-Russian president- knows
exactly how terrorists move and what kind of strategies they have. In my
opinion Russians understand the terrorist tactics better, because they know
what it means to do things by any means possible.

I’ not a politician and will never be one, but I lived in U.S. for
five years and have seen many mistakes made in our legal system,
constitution and all that. I see and hear things that totally oppose the
media reports or reports of the government officials. Most people that have
been living here for a long time or have been born here in U.S. have a
different type of mentality. People in U.S. think that they are untouchable
and safe in this country. Sure, as long as suing relatives, stores, and
companies brings money, why not do that? In many cases suing should be
unconstitutional. It’s a shame how people who have known each other for
years, all of the sudden suing each other. And now that we have been
attacked by terrorists, we became brothers and sister, and started to
forgive some things that have happened in the past. Well, it just doesn’t
make sense. May be if we have more terrorist bombing then America will be
more united than ever? Who knows? But isn’t that ridiculous? Since I’m not
a politician I can’t really come up with any solutions for problems like
these, but I know one thing, is America looses its “I’m the greatest”
attitude and learn from other countries, may then we’ll see the real
powerful, constitutional America.

Sometimes I don’t understand politics, really. I hear politicians
talking about stopping immigration to U.S., and I guess with that, they
want to achieve safety and success of America. But if we look at the
history of the U.S, we can see that most of the scientists and professors
that we learn about in school, also emigrated from other countries at some
point. America’s success, right from the beginning depended on immigration,
and all those people that were willing to come to U.S. and work to make a
difference. I don’t see the bad side of the immigration.

Why is it wrong to give people that are willing to make a difference
in America the opportunity to be equal without discriminating against their
ethnicity? Throughout the history of the U.S. people were fighting against
discrimination, to protect the bill of rights and give everyone an equal
opportunity. But even now there are laws made for residents and non
residents. Non residents get the right to pay taxes, but don’t have the
right to go to college as equals, or have a license to drive a car, or even
get a job. How does the government of the United States expect to reduce
crime and theft by forbidding so many people of so many rights?
In conclusion I would like to say that, sure America is great, but it
has its many weak sides that can be prevented by a smarter government and
rational decisions, because many people are not aware of things that are
going on in the world and don’t really care about things being
constitutional or not, as long as they are not effected by it. There are
things that should be hidden from the media and people, but why hide things
that are so important in this country? I would rather hear the news say
something that will improve peoples lives, than something that’s so tragic
and sensational- and that is the main goal of the media- to attract people
by giving them something sensational, but really unimportant. Constitution
can do so much, but without people its just something written on a piece of