Review Of Ceremony

Review Of Ceremony Review of Ceremony Ceremony, written by Leslie Marmon Silko, traces the alienation and destruction of a young Native American who must first come to terms with his past before he can overcome his post-traumatic stress. Throughout this novel, there are many symbols and examples of how not only the main character, but his culture as a whole was ignored, rejected, and destroyed. Ceremony takes place in the Laguna Indian Reservation in Grants, New Mexico and on the Bataan Peninsula during World War II. Alienation and isolation make up the atmosphere of the novel because the main character, Tayo, experiences them both. Tayo is a young Native American.

Minor characters are Tayos family, and four other war veterans. Tayos family members are Auntie, Uncle Josiah, Grandma, and Rocky. Tayo lives with his aunt and uncle as a child. Auntie is ashamed of Tayo because he is a half-breed. Auntie favors Tayos cousin, Rocky, over him because he is a football star.

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Auntie rejects Tayo and never wants to be seen with him except when he is in uniform. Tayo goes off to war when Rocky decides to go. The war is extremely tough on him and begins to wax his post-traumatic stress. When Rocky dies, Auntie blames Tayo. Ceremony represents the tyranny that whites had over the natives. The most memorable aspect of the book is when Tayo thinks that a dead soldier is Uncle Josiah.

This work gives knowledge of how the natives were treated and how in some ways are still treated. Anyone who is interested in this subject will enjoy the novel. email me for the theme paragraph(paragraph #3, that of which I did not include) Bibliography Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko English Essays.