Role Of Airplanes In World War Ii

.. l had been able to save their country, this airplanes camed too late to help them. The allies then saw that this was a new kind of airplane, it was like reinventing it, its power was unlimited, it could fly hounders of kilometers faster than any ally plane. Another reason for why this help was too late to help in any possible way is that during war blood is something but intelligence is the most important part of a war. The allies destroyed all fuel makers that provided this material to Nazi planes and they also destroyed all factories that involved anything to do with the manufacture of this kind of planes.

The other countries didn?t wanted to go behind in this war, the English construected airplanes suck as the spitfire which is one of the greatest planes built by them, this was able to combat some of the very fast and easy to get ride of German planes. Another of the airplanes they used was the Thunderbolt a very fast airplane who turned down a lot of the German plane?s. This two airplanes were the most important airplanes of the Royal Air Force, now they are considered a collector’s item because only a small number of them survived war. Japan had his own airplane, it was feared by all countries because they were very fast but most of all they were able to loose any airplane following them and attack by surprise al the others. The americans entered war almost at the end of it but they had their own famous planes, their most famous combat plane was ofcourse the Mustang who was made to try to stop the mosquitos which they were able to, but the had a very famous bomber, its name is the flying fortress, it was used to attack the German cities durign the war. One of this flying fortresses was the responsible of throwing the first atomic bomb on history, as you can see this war was one fought not only be beare hands but it was one fought mainly in the hands of technology.

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The flying fortress that was responsible to throw the first bomb will always be in our minds, it was called by their pilots Enola Gay, this because gay in those times was being happy, being happy of finally killing the japaness. But what advances this airplanes had in this times, well it was as they had invented a new airplane over the others, before war the airplanes were not even half as fast as they were when the war ended, they saw that airplanes too could carry people rather than only war, they saw that airplanes were something for all the world, that they were very good if used the right way as everything in the world but if they used it in a wrong way the consequences could be a disaster. Chapter 2: What it leted us, what it took Almost at the end of the war the first turbo engine was used they started to use this engines instead of the old ones because they were faster. And the first ones to use this were the Germans, maybe that?s why they were in control of almost all of the war, they had the technology that other countries didn?t had. Their airplanes could travel almost at 800 km/hr, almost the double of the other airplanes, but their use was almost at the end of the war so they coudn?t do a lot in this war. The allies were impressed when the first saw this airplanes, they were amazed of their speed, and everything they could offer.

That?s why people started to use many of this advances in their common use for traveling that?s why trips were so much faster. The kind of gear used for flying changed a lot in this times, the tires were made more resistable, the planes were made to support higher pressures and to carry large amounts of weight, the controls of the planes were now easier to fly etc.. many advances were made. Because the technology changes everything that exists on this world the airplane didn?t went outside of this change, they had changed thanks to things as the advances of technology. It?s how the world is fixed, just as technology is made better, things are made smaller and more efficient.

Maybe that?s why technology is a factor that affects living things in this world day by day. This is what happened in world war II, there was a new way of how things were done, the used tanks for rapid land attacks and during this war the airplane was considered really a war instrument. Because of the advances in technology made in the airplane there was a new kind of war going around. But maybe too much advance on this machines was not the best thing that could happen because this caused the death of million of people, and this can?t be justified not even now saying that thanks to them planes are faster and a more common thing because I am shure I’ll give up all this advances for a world in which every year we didn’t had to remember things that happened as this horrible war. Conclusion Because of this technological advances war was something that people could never had imagine. This was a very destructive machine and made war to be relied on machines rather than on soldiers. But it also made this war very destructive and cruel. Technology brings advances to society but if they are misused then problems can occur, millions of people could die and countries could be destroyed.

Things are what people want to make them to be, if things are not used correctly then problems happen, this is just part of my report later on I will explain more about each kind of plane and about how technology made airplanes a very destructive and effective machine.