Ron Latin America Current Events Report

Ron Latin America Current Events Report Latin America Current Events Report The main idea of my article was that the President of Columbia was in an election. Since the President, Ernesto Samper, was involved in many scandals the other candidate, Andres Pastrana is tying the election up in the first round of Columbias presidential election. When 95 percent of the votes had been tallied Samper had a fraction a lead with 34.46 percent of the votes, and Pastrana had only 34.35. Because of this minuscule difference, the candidates will meet in a runoff June 21. Pastrana is also taking the votes by storm, in other words, he is the one most likely to succeed states political analyst Sergio Uribe, The question is, how many more votes can the liberal party get in the next round, I dont think many more. Most of the people will either vote for Pastrana, or cast blank ballots. This article also speaks of another candidate who is female.

This candidate is not really a for runner because she only got 27 percent of the votes, which is still a lot, but not enough. Because this information is about what is happening in other countries, I think it is important. It also is a way to see what new things are out there. Since the People of Columbia are engaged in a tied election, a runoff will be held June 21. History Essays.

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