Smoking Free Swiss Anti-Wrinkle Cream. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! Smoking I feel that there should be laws against smoking. Right now there are laws against buying them. You have to be 21 to buy cigarette. But my question is if you have to 21 why do people under 21 have possession of cigarette? We all already know that smoking is bad for you.

On the news all the time they have something about smoking and why it is so bad for you. Even on the cigarette box there is a surgeon general message. This message is a note saying that Cigarette are hazardous to your health. But still millions of people still are smoking. I see it like this..

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If they put a label on a cigarette box saying “These will eventually kill you” people will still smoke it. We all know the dangers of smoking, why not put a law out to make it illegal? I think the reason people are not comprehending that smoking is so bad for you, is because they are already addicted and they dont care what it does to them. But if a law made it illegal to sell. Then many people would not have access to cigarettes. So they could not smoke and millions of lives would be saved each year.

Smoking produces lung cancer that eventually kills you. Your lungs turn black and you can barely breath. Well to me the sound of that makes me sick, and just saying that makes me not want to smoke. I feel if the government wants to save lives. They should pass a law banning smoking very very soon. But our government is to worried about little side effects and problems, such as riots, and people going crazy. That they wont pass the law.