Software Programmer

Software Programmer Software Programmer A software programmer programs and writes software and different applications for computers. For example, different software programmers wrote the software word processor MS Works 2.0, and different programmers write games. Some requirements are: – 3 to 5 years experience in RPGII or RPG/400 programming. – comprehension of computer binary language. – familiar with CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering).

– familiar with structured programming system. – familiar with FORTRAN (math applications), COBOL system (for business applications), and LISP (for artificial intelligence applications). The salary of a software programmer depends on the program written, but is approximately $60 000 – 80 000 annually. Commcorp Project Leader The Project leader for the Commcorp corporation designs and implements new systems for all areas of Commcorp as well as maintaining existing programs. Some requirements are: – 5 years progressive experience in an MVS/XA environment – detailed knowledge of COBOL (for business applications) – detailed knowledge and experience in CICS, VSAM, and MICROS.

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– Strong analytical, design and leadership skills an asset. The salary of a project leader varies occasionally, but in this case it is an important position, earning $60 000 – 70 000 annually. Systems Administrator Systems Administrator is responsible for administering overall system needs in a business (in this case, the College). Some requirements include: – A degree in computer science or technical college diploma in a related discipline. – 2 years or more experience in database design.

– Two years experience in a Novell / DOS environment. – Knowledge of overall PC hardware The job offers a very competitive salary, ranging from around $35 000 to 50 000 annually. Contributing Editor A Contributing Editor (in this case, the contributing editor of PC World), more or less edits and goes through the magazine and adds editorials in places. In this magazine, the Contributing Editor, Richard Scoville, helps to write editorials to put in the magazine as well as helping to rate and test software. Some requirements are: – 3 – 5 years experience at editing, or as an editor for another magazine.

– Experience with DOS and computers software / hardware. – Strong analytical skills and experience in rating and testing in software applications. The salary of a contributing editor depends entirely on the magazine the editor works for. The larger the magazine, the higher the salary. The salary in this case would be approximately $60 000 to $80 000 annually. Technical Writer A Technical Writer is responsible for a variety of written materials in a fast-paced environment.

In addition to producing effective manuals, tutorials, training scripts and collateral, he/she assists in translations of materials for foreign markets. Some requirements are: – 3 years experience as a Technical writer. – Experience, and writing and editing skills talents are essential. – WordPerfect experience, as well as other word processors. – Fast typing skills (60 + WPM).

– All Word processing and desktop publishing skills. The salary of a Technical Writer often varies, but usually is approximately $40 000 to 50 000 annually. Network Specialist A Network Specialist is required to design, implement, and provide high quality support of WAN and LAN network devices and facilities in an international network environment. Also to maintain and improve network performance by planning and introducing new technology and services. Some requirements are: – Experience in WAN and LAN networking – Experience in design and supporting of networks – A background in communications, Ethernet, Appletalk, bridges, routers, and multiplexors.

– Graduation from a community college technologist’s program or the equivalent is also required. The salary for a Network Specialist is approximately $30 000 – $40 000 annually. Sales Manager A Sales Manager will have a number of responsibilities including recruiting, training, staff development and daily operations in a commissioned sales organization. Some requirements are: – Extensive sales related experience – Experience in computers, accounting programs and familiar with other computer software. – Skilled at building and motivating a sales team of at least ten. The salary of a Sales Manager often varies, but more or less stays around the figure of $25 000 to $35 000 annually. Clerk Typist A Clerk Typist is responsible for copy-typing, taking dictation’s, and possibly taking minutes at meetings.

A Clerk Typist takes on a variety of office functions in a service environment, and is usually indispensable. Some requirements are: – Excellent communicational and interpersonal skills. – Experience in WordPerfect, or a main word processor. – High speed typing, at least 50 WPM The annual salary of a clerk typist is more or less a round number with hardly varies at $20 000 to $30 000 annually. Accounting Manager An Accounting Manager is responsible for all aspects of accounting, including general ledger, monthly financial statements, accounts payable, tax returns, and fixed asset sub ledgers.

Some requirements are: – Must possess a C.M.A. or C.G.A. designation. – 3 years accounting experience. – Computer literacy in Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect essential The salary for an Accounting Manager varies greatly, going from $30 000 to $50 000.

Software Engineer A Software Engineer is responsible for managing real-time software projects for commercial and military aerospace systems. Either being part of, or the leader of a group of developers working towards a common goal, directing and testing to meet customer specifications and program requirements for a variety of environments. Some requirements are: – Bachelor’s of Engineering Degree. – 5 to 10 years of related experience. – Borland C/C++ programming skills and application development experience in Microsoft Windows 3.1 are assets.

– Understanding and demonstrated application of DOD-STD 2167A and DO-178A is required, as is experience with ADA. – Working knowledge of PASCAL. – Familiarity with software system/test and certification methods, as well as VAX and UNIX computing environments. The annual salary of a Software Engineer is around $35 000 to $50 000 per year. In this case, the Project leaders salary is significantly higher, at $50 000 to $70 000.

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