Stress Advice

Stress Advice This article looks at different ways, methods and ideologies to have to deal with stress on a daily basis. There continually is research being done to look at the effects of it as well as causes of it. The way it impacts a person’s health is the subject of many research endeavors. So a few suggestions were made and printed to help those on a daily basis. Scientists are studying the correlation between psychological stress and the human body’s immune response to come with a better management for certain diseases.

The body responds to stress in the “fight or flight” syndrome. When such a time that the body can not adapt anymore to the numerous stressful events, diseases set in. Symptoms affecting the immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels occur, which often lead to certain diseases. Adverse effects include behavioral problems, weight gain, among others. Researchers advocate that prolonged exposure to stress can lead to adverse physiological changes and that managing stress can help people lead longer, healthier lives.

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Some words of advice offered: Know what “triggers” your anger by keeping a journal to record what is happening when you get angry. Recognize the humor in a situation, but make sure the laugh’s on you, not on the other person. Practice relaxation techniques and mediate or focus your thoughts on something pleasant. This article gave some interesting pieces of advice, some making your more aware of looking at different situations. Also helped me to see the number of pieces of research that is being done in the area of reducing stress, especially in those areas of society where the job you have may bring more than you can handle. Social Issues.