Teen Pregnancy

.. bes begin to develop cartilage, testes begin to descend into the scrotum, nails begin to grow over the tips of the fingers, and creases develop over the soles of the feet. Also, the fetus begins to demonstrate coordinated patterns of behavior that are similar to the cycles of activity and sleep of a newborn. The things mentioned are just an overall view of the trimesters. A woman’s body undergoes a variety of changes to prepare for the growth, nourishment, and birth of a child.

The teenage parent has a lot of challenges that must be overcame and decided, such as parenthood options, continuing education, and financial problems. These mentioned are just a few of the challenges a teenager faces. There are three options parents must decide if they become pregnant. The parents can marry and raise the child together. The mother or father can raise the child as a single parent.

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The parents can put the baby up for adoption. These are three options that are going to be very hard to decide. Whatever the teenager decides will have a consequence on the baby and the parents. When teenagers become pregnant, the first thing they want to do is rush into marriage. The parents may have talked about marriage but this would be the real thing.

Only one-third of the teenagers who become pregnant before the age of 18 are married (Gutman 25). Babies need a lot of attention. They need to be fed, burped, diaper changes, bathe and cuddled. Having someone around to help with these tasks can be very helpful and rewarding for parents and the baby. Most teenage marriages don’t last long. The teenagers may think they will have more freedom when they are married. Wrong, you will not have as much freedom.

Teenagers are taking on a big responsibility when they marry. Think about it before you rush into marriage. When teenagers marry, they have to make decisions about where to live and how to pay the bills. These are just things you have to decide on. Trying to adjust to parenthood and having a marriage partner will be challenging and overwhelming.

As a result, four out of five teenage couples divorce within six years (Hildebrand 94). The marriages that are successful receive support from friends and family. Another option would be singe parenthood. Single parenthood is either the mother or father deciding to raise the child alone. Usually when this happens, the mother is the one to keep the child. Both mother and child usually live with the mother’s parents.

Money concern plays a major role in teenage marriage, but is a greater problem for single parents. Being a single parent, trying to work, finish school, you must arrange for childcare services. Childcare services can be very expensive for a single parent. Usually if a single parent is balancing school, work, and taking care of a child, the teenager have a lot of support from parents, friends, and relatives. Parents can be big support for a teenage parent.

The last option is adoption. To make this decision, the parents would have thought long and hard about the baby’s needs and their future. Adoption is not bad it may be best for the child if the couple isn’t able to provide everything that a baby needs. If the parents weren’t able to give the baby the good start in life it needs, adoption would be the best option. Adoptions can be arranged by local, state, religious, and even private agencies.

These agencies have a list of couples that wants kids but are unable to have them. The couple’s background is checked to be certain that they would be the best parents for the baby. Teenage parents who put their child up for adoption can be assured that the child will be taken care of. If the parents decide to give the baby up for adoption before its born, it can be arranged before birth. Adoption laws vary from state to state.

An open adoption can be made. This adoption allows the birth and adoptive parents to share information about themselves and the child. The birth mother usually meets the adoptive parents during the pregnancy or after the birth. The adoptive parents send photographs and letters letting the birth mother know how the child is doing. This is an advantage for the birth mother. The birth parents will know a little about his/her biological background.

The adoptive parents can answer most of any questions the child asks about the birth parents. Continuing education is also a major decision when you become a teenage parent. Pregnant teenagers have the right to finish their education. It may be hard, but it is not impossible. In some schools they stay in their regular classes, but in others they are placed in special classes for pregnant teenagers. These classes can be helpful because they help parents learn about pregnancy, prenatal care, and parenting skills.

Some schools even have childcare. This would help out a lot of teenage parents trying to finish their education. It is important for teenage parents to complete high school. A lot of jobs require high school diplomas. How can teenagers support their baby with no job? The statistics show that teenagers who dropout usually qualify for the lowest-paying jobs in the community, if even that.

That is why having an education will help out a teenage mother or father. Having a high school diploma enables them to have more career choices. The most important challenge of a teenage parent is financial problems. Teenagers face more financial problems than older parents. Even if both parents work, they lack the education or skills needed to obtain a job that can support a family.

This is why many teen mothers rely on welfare. Some 63% of teen parents depended on public programs for medical needs and daily living expense in 1992 (Programs that Work Now 1). Aid to families with Dependent Children (AFDC) provides financial support to eligible parents and children. Government assistance is minimal, however, and not always available. This probably won’t change in the future because of the tax burden of these programs. Because of these programs, it helps prevent teenage mothers living in poverty.

Before you become sexually active think of the consequences you face. Teen pregnancy isn’t just it, there are many problems such as STD’s, AIDS, and HIV. These are all associated with sex. If you are sexually active get on some kind of birth control and always use a condom. Think about the consequences you as a teenager would have to face if you risk getting pregnant.

Think about the consequences it would put a baby through. It’s tough to be a teenage parent and people will have to sacrifice a lot of things that they used to do now that there’s a baby with you. Just remember, don’t start having sex just because everybody else is or because someone’s pressuring you into it. Think about everything, including your future, school, friends, freedom, and your life. WORK CITED Gutman-Bowe, Sonia. Teen Pregnancy. Minneapolis: 1987.

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