The 49ers

The 49ers Super Bowl 32, 2 seconds left on the clock. The 49ers have the ball on the 39 yard line. J.J. Stokes, Terrell Owens, and Jerry Rice lined up on the right. Garrison Hearst in the backfield.

The 49ers have a score of 21 and the Broncos 26. The ball is hiked. Steve Young drops back and looks down field. Young is under pressure and throws deep to Jerry Rice. Rice dives for the ball and barley makes a one handed catch.

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The 49ers win Super Bowl 32 by a score of 49ers 27 Broncos 26. As you can see the 49ers have great quarterbacks, receivers, and they also have great running backs which means that they are the best team in the NFL ever to play the game. The 49ers know how to pick great players such as Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Garrison Hearst, Joe Montana, and J.J. Stokes. Another reason they are the best team in the NFL is they have won a record number of 5 Super Bowls.

To begin with, the 49ers have won 5 Super Bowls, the only other team to do that was the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers have only been to 5 Super Bowls so that means that they won all of them they went to. The 49ers also choose good coaches such as Bill Walse, and Steve Mariucci. Bill Walse Has led the 49ers to many Super Bowls and Steve Mariucci led them to the N.F.C. championship the first year he got the job and will hopefully go to the Super Bowl this year. The 49ers also have really good players. The 49ers have some of the best players in the NFL such as Steve young, J.J.

Stokes, and Terrell Owens. Steve Young, who is the present quarterback, leads the NFL with 2,435 passing yards and 21 touchdowns. He has a completion rate of 61.2 which is second in the NFL J.J. Stokes is the 49er wide receiver that is really good and learning a lot from the coaches and his team. Terrell Owens is also a wide receiver that is learning.

And lets not forget about Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice is the greatest wide receiver ever to play football in the NFL. Jerry Rice is a 13 year veteran and hold 13 NFL records including 154 receiving touchdowns and 61 consecutive games with 100+ receiving yards. He also has had 11-1000 yard seasons. He has the most receiving yards in one season, with 1,848.

He also has 10 Super Bowl records including most receiving yard with 512,most career points with 42, and most touchdowns in a Super Bowl with 3, which breaks another record of most points in a Super Bowl with 18. In Conclusion, the best team in the NFL is the 49ers because they have won 5 Super Bowls, really good players such as Steve Young, J.J. Stokes, Terrell Owens, Garrison Hearst, really good coaches, and the greatest wide receiver ever to play in the NFL Jerry Rice. As you can see the Broncos are not the best team in the NFL but in fact the 49ers are much better then them. .