The Amazons Tribe Of Warrior Women

The Amazons – Tribe Of Warrior Women The Amazons – Tribe of Warrior Women Set: 5000 BC, Amazonia, now known as Greece/Macedonia Parallel Scene: Hamlet, Act I Scene ii line 1 – 159 Characters: Amedes (King Hamlet) – Late Queen of the Amazon Tribes; Sister to Serphes; Mother to Valenice. Serphes (Claudius) – Queen of the Amazon Tribes Euphronios (Gertrude) – Widower to Amedes; Husband to Serphes; Father to Valenice Valenice (Hamlet) – Rightful heir and daughter to Amedes Melsinal (Cornelius) – Amazon spies Narien (Voltimand) – Amazon spies TELEVISION SCRIPT SC. 2: AMAZON TRIBAL GROUND SERPHES, VALENICE, EUPHRONIOS, MELSINAL, NARIEN, AMAZONS The Amazon’s in this script are based upon an ancient mythical tribe of women who were found in the forests of Greece/Macedonia and detested males. However, Euphronios has been allowed to stay with the tribe because of his relationship with Hera, the patriot Goddess of the Amazons. The tribe has lived well for many years because of the wise rule of Queen Amedes.

Due to Amedes death, Serphes has risen to the crown, overstepping Valenice’s birthright and taken Amedes husband, Euphronios, as hers. The Amazon’s enemy are the Centaurs. They are a bloodthirsty tribe of half horse-half human creatures living in the neighbouring forest. IN THE GATHERING PLACE INSERT: SFX: Loud tribal music EXT: AMEDES on bed of burning sticks DISSOLVE TO: AMAZONS dancing with full war dress around a large bonfire. SERPHES is standing on the PLATFORM with CEREMONIAL MASK on and her hands outstretched. EUPHRONIOS walks up the PLATFORM.

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It is a rare Amazonian wedding ceremony. DISSOLVE TO: SERPHES and EUPHRONIOS are standing on a WOODEN PLATFORM. AMAZONS are standing on the ground with VALENICE in front of them. INSERT: SFX: Tribal music slowly fades out Soft drumming SERPHES (LOUDLY and ARROGANTLY) Our noble Queen AMEDES has now passed on to the underworld. Our month long ceremony of grief is over. Even though we are still in sorrow, we must not fail to remember the interest and welfare of our people.

We have generously taken over the role of Queen and have taken to husband EUPHRONIOS, widow to Queen AMEDES so that our tribe does not succumb to anarchy. The elation of our union should lessen all our heartache. Our actions are in keeping with the Amazon traditions. AMAZONS CLAP lightly A crucial issue presses upon us. THEMOS of the Centaurs, our sworn enemy, believes our community to be in turmoil due to the untimely death of AMEDES. He dares to again covert his lost lands.

He dares to dream of conquest while we recover. Foolish cretin – he dares to challenge our Amazon resolve! (SCREAMS) Proclaim to us women, are we in the status of instability?!! AMAZONS (SCREAMS) NO! SERPHES (SCREAMS) Will we give back that which we had rightly won by the shedding of our warrior blood? AMAZONS (SCREAMS even louder) NO!! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! .. AMAZONS SCREAMING, CLAPPING and DANCING until SERPHES gives a motion for silence. SERPHES Reflect dear comrades, our advantage is that we are one in mind, body and soul. THEMOS has raised an army of Centaurs and may presently advance.

We must remain vigilant and shrewd. Remember, forewarned is fore-armed. MELSINAL, NARIEN – scout towards their lands and keep watch. Stay unseen in the trees. Go now, and may the Gods be with you. MELSINAL and NARIEN perform special Amazon SIGNAL and disappears forest.

(ASIDE) The astuteness of our decisions must surely demonstrate the validity of my rule. We have tolerated being in the shadow of AMEDES for far too long. It was the occasion for action! We are the only one who deserves the mask of leadership, not (BITTERLY) sweet, saddened VALENICE. SERPHES looks sympathetically at VALENICE (SWEETLY) Princess VALENICE, daughter now, your anguish is real. AMEDES and myself also lost a mother.

Our destiny has been planned since before the dawn of time. The Gods know what they are undertaking. You do understand that AMEDES bestowed her birthright SERPHES takes MASK off and her eyes slightly narrows INSERT: SFX: Drumming music becomes louder CAMERA: close up of SERPHES face SERPHES lays her hand on VALENICE’S shoulders VALENICE VALENICE steps back from SERPHES and looks menacingly at SERPHES (VOICE OVER) I hardly believe that! And she dares to address me as her..daughter? She is not my mother! By the Gods, my mother, good QUEEN AMEDES was a thousand times greater than any sort of Queen she is. Cunning as the forest snake, she uses her actions and discourses to smooth over her wicked ambition. EUPHRONIOS A mere male, that I am.

My opinion does not count in this gallant company. But heed, I loved your mother and I still do. But life goes on. (PAUSE) SERPHES is my wife now, my liege and mistress. Be happy for us! AMEDES is in the garden now.

Her good works will live on in Hades eyes. VALENICE Yes, she will find favour in Hades eyes. In Zeus as well for she was an exceptional and discerning Queen as well as Mother. No substitute Queen could ever aspire to her quality. SERPHES (SCOWLS – unseen by other characters, she is the only one who understands what VALENICE meant) EUPHRONIOS Let your peace show for your behaviour appears captive to a certain strangeness.

(ASIDE) Why does VALENICE seem so apprehensive and guarded? (To VALENICE) Why is it that your behaviour seems so.. peculiar? VALENICE (BLANKLY) Nothing is ever as it seems, father. SERPHES (IMPATIENTLY) Put aside your grief and set the example of Amazon warrior. As Princess, you are a role model. We must leave you now for (HAUGHTILY) the Queen of Amazons has many duties to which we must attend. SERPHES leave with EUPHRONIOS on her arm VALENICE walks deep into the forest DISSOLVE TO: VALENICE reaches the sacred site, the ‘resting place’ of Hera VALENICE VALENICE stares at the statue of Hera CUT TO: INSERT: SFX: Lyre music EXT: YOUNG VALENICE and AMEDES sharing mother- daughter moment CUT TO: INSERT: SFX: Loud jagged music EXT: SERPHES and EUPHRONIOS KISSING DISSOLVE TO: VALENICE sitting on a rock hugging her knees (DESPAIRINGLY) Oh..I long to join AMEDES, yet suicide would hurl me straight to the Isle of Torment prohibiting my only prospect seeing my mother for eternity. (ANGRILY)I cannot believe that (SPITS OUT) AMEDES gave SERPHES her birthright! She will lead us to ruination. By birth disposition and training, I am the true leader.

Beware usurper! .. (BETRAYED VOICE) EUPHRONIOS, father, how could you? Your actions hurt the most. Marrying the women whose falsity and wickedness seems only to be seen by me? VALENICE hurls herself in front of the statue of Hera and clings to it. (PASSIONATELY) Dear Goddess Hera, hear my prayers (MURMURS a prayer to Hera) INSERT: SFX: Very loud tribal music Bejewelled eyes of Hera start to glow an eerie RED Yes Hera.. I will remain quiet for now.

I am the water reed in the stream, bending to its force yet ever ready to spring straight at its decline. WIND whips up around VALENICE as she laughs almost maliciously. CAMERA: moves through the forest quickly to the SERPHES chamber where she is resting. Eyes of statue of Hera near SERPHES glow RED. CUT TO: INSERT: EXT: SERPHES dreams flickering images of red, blood and of AMEDES screaming.

CUT TO: SERPHES eyes open wide as she draws a sharp intake of air, her face is covered with sweat. Mythology Essays.