The Awakening

The Awakening This novel takes place in the early 1920’s on the Grand Isles of Louisiana. Grande Isle was a resort for wealthy people, to get away from the city. The remainder of the novel takes place in New Orleans. The theme of this book is about women and her “awakening”, a sort of liberation. Her “awakening” take place during the summer at the Grand Isle.

Edna “awakens” to the intense love and longing that she has not known to exist. She also “awakens” to the knowledge that her husband and children are in control of her life. Mrs. Pontiellier then takes steps forward to release herself from the “cage” she was placed in, in a direct disobedience to her husband Edna begins advancing herself in art and culture, she also takes long walks and ignores numbers of callers for a few select group of women. Our heroine is not able to control her “awakening” because she is in love with Robert, who will not marry her because he refuses to disgrace her. Freedom never really carried Edna because Edna was never truly free of herself.

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This novel begins in the grand Isles where the Pontiellier family is spending their summer vacation. Edna becomes friends with Madame Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz; on her vacation Edna also befriends Robert Leburn, son of the owner of the resort at the Grand Isles. Robert has fallen madly in love with Edna English Essays.