The Color Purple

The Color Purple The letter describing the last dinner that Celie had before breaking out of jail was very emotional. The fact that she was beaten and abused caused all kinds of emotions. The letters that Celie’s sister, Nettie, wrote were never given to her, and she took it personally. She was separated from the only person that loved her, and that was her sister. Her youth was stolen from her in vain. All of her problems were from one man, the mister.

The person that supported and stood by her was the woman sleeping with her husband. She was beaten and abused because she didn’t do what she was told. She was forced to raise children that were not her’s, and she she was also abused by them to. She had to be extra careful in dealing with her husband just to survive. She had to deal with her husband being unfaithful, and she had to bottle all this up. Ceilie and Nettie were extremely close.

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She brought her happiness to her life. Yet Ceilie’s husband kicked out her sister because she didn’t do what she desired. The only connection they had was by letter’s. Once again Ceilie’s husband ruined that to, he kept and hid all of the letter’s for a long period of time with no intention of giving them back. When she found out it added fuel to her fire and enraged her. Ceilie’s mother died and she had to assume her roles in the house, especially those most undesirable.

She was given away to a man she didn’t know when she was just a child. Her childhood and teenage years were full of suffering, crying children and loneliness. Her life was ill spent serving those who ungrateful and those who didn’t love her, after all even colors want to be loved. Her husbands verbal abuse killed her confidence, she couldnt even show her smile because of all the insults. She referred to him as Mr because he had the upper hand.

He was sleeping with another woman and his wife knew but could do nothing. Shug played a small role and a big role. Her insignificant role was as the mistress of Ceilie’s husband. Her significant role was as her sole mate. She helped Ceilie find the letter’s from her sister and she help her stand up to her husband.

And most of all she helped her get on with her life. The letter was the turning point of the story. She let out all of her emotions. Everything that kept her in her invisible jail. She expressed everything that she was holding back, and exposed everything that was holding her back. The movie and the novel, together effectively depicted the emotional aura that filled that house. Bibliography The Color Purple, Ellis Walker Movies and Cinema Essays.