The Eyes Of The Dragon

The Eyes Of The Dragon The theme of the book, The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King, is to stick to one’s beliefs no matter what happens and always do what one knows is right. Don’t give up on oneself; anything is possible. King Roland was the noble king of Delain. He was known as Roland the Good. He was, by far, not a bad king, though he was really not a great king.

He meant no harm and was successful, but whenever he meant to do great things, he seemed to be unsuccessful. Roland, king of Delain, had two sons and had done his best to raise them without a wife. Peter, the oldest, was much like his father. He was successful at avoiding harm of the kingdom. In addition, he seemed to be more successful at the great things he attempted.

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Even as a little boy, Peter was loved by the kingdom, and many were looking forward to his reign as king. When Peter was merely a boy, he stood up against grown men for what he believed in. This was why the kingdom loved and appreciated him. In one instance, Peter was passing through the stableyard when he saw a lame horse about to be killed. Peter commanded Yosef, the palace fixture, to stop.

After arguing, Peter managed to convince Yosef to give Peter one hour to find a veterinarian. Peter was to prove to Yosef that this horse would not die if taken care of. Just short of an hour later, Peter and the veterinarian returned. The veterinarian listened closely and agreed with Peter. The horse would never be a working horse again, but it would certainly make a great pet for Peter.

This was only the beginning of Peter’s wisdom and only a hint of the respect he would soon earn. Thomas was a little different. He was very quiet, so no one was really sure of him. He did mysterious things. The citizens of Delain were glad Thomas was the younger son, for no one wanted Thomas as king. Anyone who attempted to, could befriend Thomas and earn his complete reliance. This great weakness caused the downfall of Delain.

Roland had become dependent on his magician, Flagg. Roland was a good man, but he wasn’t clever. It was not known, but Flagg had come and gone many times through out the years. He had come and gone with one uncompleted goal. It was fortunate for Delain that Flagg tended to be unsuccessful with his plans. Roland the Good was getting old, and it was widely known that he would soon be leaving the crown to Peter.

Disappointing news as it was, many strongly believed Peter was going to do great things throughout his reign. Peter soon grew up, and though he knew what was coming to him upon his father’s death, Peter still wished his father many years to come. It had become tradition for Peter to take two glasses of wince to his father’s room before retiring. Each man, glass in hand, sat together simply enjoying the company. This, among other things, made Thomas unhappy and extremely jealous.

Thomas believed that he had no family to love. He had taken the blame for his mother’s death and believed his father and brother had also placed the blame on him. It was probably because of this that Thomas had no friends, no confidence, and barely a will to live. Flagg, the brilliant magician that he was, used Thomas’ weakness to his advantage. Flagg had attempted many times to destroy Delain.

He waited year after year and finally his chance arose. He hadn’t completely worked out the details, but he knew things would work out for him. Thomas and Flagg became quite close. Flagg knew he would finally complete his life’s work, and Thomas would put his entire soul into getting what he had always wanted, a friend. Thomas confided his every though with Flagg, and Flagg showed great sincerity. Flagg knew all the secrets of the castle because of his coming and going throughout the centuries.

Through the eyes of Niner, a dragon Roland had killed, there were peeping holes. Through a back hallway, one could find the hidden passage way that led to the peep holes. Flagg told Thomas of this, and it had meant a lot to Thomas. This was to become Flagg’s big mistake. One day, an ingenious plan came to Flagg. The magician used a special poison he had saved for centuries just for the occasion.

This poison was no ordinary poison. It would burn a person from the inside out after simply inhaling it. While working with the poison, Flagg wore gloves and used tweezers. After going to the window to take a breath, Flagg would work for a few minutes, and take careful measures not to breathe in the fumes. In a glass, he took a small amount of poison and mixed it with Roland’s favorite wine. Taking a bit more, Flagg opened up a cage and fed it to a mouse to observe the suffering. The remaining poison was placed in a little wooden box stolen from Peter years ago.

The box had been a present from Peter’s mother with his name engraved in the top. Flagg, knowing of Peter’s nightly tradition, went to Roland’s bed chamber with the glass of wine to do away with his king. Flagg waited until he was sure Peter had left and no one would see him enter. Since visitors were becoming few and far between in his old age, Roland was glad to see him. After drinking their wine, both men agreed to retire for the night.

Though he knew it was for the better, Flagg wished he hadn’t had to leave what was to become a night remember. Flagg left that night thinking he would be the last to see Roland alive. He was wrong because someone else would see the suffering Flagg had inflicted. Someone else would be the last person to see Roland alive. Flagg’s big mistake had caught up with him; Thomas had witnessed everything. Thomas had seen it all through the eyes of Niner.

The next day, servants reported Roland’s death. It was also a servant who found Peter’s long wooden box. If circumstances had been different, Peter would’ve been o …