The Greenhouse

The greenhouse effect is another alarming problem that we have encountered through
our own negligence. The earths atmosphere consists of mostly nitrogen along with
oxygen and small amounts of other gases. One of these gases, carbon dioxide, affects the
temperature on the earth. The earth already contains the amount of carbon dioxide
needed. Through the burning of fossil fuels used to power our cars, run our factories, and
heat our homes more and more carbon dioxide is given off.
Another factor is the destruction of forests that use the carbon dioxide for food. The
huge amounts of carbon dioxide are trapping heat in the earths atmosphere increasing the
temperature. Experts predict that a possible result of the greenhouse effect will be that the
worlds oceans will rise a possible 1 to 4 feet. Temperatures are expected to rise causing
more rain in some places and less in others.
Another provider to the greenhouse effect is the use of CFCs. CFCs, or
chlorofluorocarbon, are used in making plastics and in aerosol spray cans, refrigerants, air
conditioners, and similar objects. Like carbon dioxide, the CFCs are trapping more heat in
the earths atmosphere. CFCs have also been blamed for ozone depletion. CFCs are
suspected of breaking down ozone particles that shield us from the suns ultraviolet rays.
Too many ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts and skin cancer. A hole in the ozone has
been discovered over Antarctic the size of the United States. The hole is actually where
the ozone has been depleted or thinned by the CFCs. The use of aerosol cans accounts for
most of the release of CFCs. This resulted in the United Stated as well as other countries
outlawing the use of these harmful chemicals in aerosol cans. Experts think that CFCs can
stay in the atmosphere at least three hundred years.

In order to slow the greenhouse effect, or global warming, scientists estimate that we
need to cut in half the amount of carbon dioxide that we now release into the air each
year. Three possible ways of doing this are by reforesting the earth, by switching to
renewable and alternative forms of energy, and by conserving energy. As for the CFCs we
need to stop the production of them all together and ban the use of them in all aerosol
cans everywhere in the world.
The global warming problem is one that can be addressed with logical ways to fix it.
The only problem is that we need to start now before the earths atmosphere continues to
get worse.

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