The legalization of Hemp has significant medicinal

and industrial value.

The legalization of Hemp has significant medicinal and industrial value.

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From high schools to college campuses, marijuana can be seen just about everywhere. It is quite easy for a parent to jump to horrid conclusions upon hearing the word “marijuana.” What is unfortunate is that the majority lack true knowledge of marijuana for its practical purposes and the relevance it has had in ancient history. There are far more constructive and legal uses for marijuana other than for experiencing euphoria.
For the past forty decades, many have protested for marijuana to be legalized as a drug for its medicinal uses and strength as an industrial product. Marijuana is formulated from a seed known as Hemp (cannabis sativa) which is a widely cultivated Asian herb of the mulberry family (Merriam-Webster). Hemp was an integral part of earlier lifestyles treating such ailments as gout, malaria, gas pains and nausea.
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Hemp fibers and oils were used to make different kinds of fabric including clothing, rope and sails. There is no disputing that hemp is extremely versatile in its uses and it’s hard not to question why society cannot “milk it for what it’s worth.” With our country’s economy and natural resources suffering, it is imperative that alternate industrial solutions be found.
Politicians and society love to keep the petty discussions of getting “high” floating around to keep hemp from being legalized. The argument being if it were legalized there would be a highly significant increase in use, especially among the younger generations. However, alcohol, another horribly misused substance, is perfectly legal (to those of appropriate age), has no significant industrial value and showed a decrease in use upon legalization. It has also been proven to cause more damage than hemp giving the conclusion that there are far more benefits from hemp than alcohol.
The only legal use of hemp found today is medicinal. Hemp is used in cases of terminally ill cancer and glaucoma patients who suffer from chronic pain. Although far from being a cure, it helps relieve eye pressure caused by glaucoma. Research also indicates that hemp eases the nausea and vomiting cancer patients experience during chemotherapy. In addition, it has aided muscle spasms in those with muscle disorders.
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The rise in healthcare costs from consistent hospitalizations for pain relief is phenomenal. Hemp, if legalized, offers too many medicinal advantages to our ailing citizens to turn away. There are far more who will benefit from its uses rather than those that will abuse it. Hemp is a diverse medicinal and industrial product and would be rewarding if legalized.

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